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What's the meaning of the arrangement

The arrangement is more popular recently. What's the arrangement? What do you mean by the arrangement on the Internet? What's the arrangement? What I want to know, let's have a look with Xiaobian!

What's the arrangement

Kwai Cho pet phrase is a word in the northeast dialect. It is arranged and arranged. That is what the brother said.

Later, it became widely known through the spread of the douyu 6324 sun Xiaochuan dog fans and the factory director Ming Kai. Then it was mixed into the shooting stem. For example, 'the list of shooting this month is full, but I've arranged it for you again'. The current arrangement stem probably means this, including the meaning of dark box operation and black curtain. And then, somehow, it's all over the place.

Arrange what kind of stem


This is northeast dialect

The meaning can be equal to 'become'

It can also be said that please have dinner

But if the stem is to be used flexibly, it can also have many extended meanings

You can also extend 'processing'

For example, today's plan for bosses is to bring boss P

'arrange' means to ask for help to finish something, please do something, a euphemism. What's happening here tiktok is based on situations, such as the general use of the jitter to help pull in the group or to have a micro signal or something.

And the Internet generally refers to "arrangement", for example, "the inner paragraph is arranged", which is equivalent to the meaning of ban, here is a euphemism;

In the game, team a arranges Team B's' arrangement ', which refers to team a's playing team B's server or team B's playing team B's server.

Real life arrangements, such as asking someone to help arrange something, work arrangements, have been arranged and so on, are actually the same meaning.