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How to keep children's height in daily life?

In daily life, for the sake of children's stature, we can't blindly give them big fish and big meat to eat. The nutrition collocation is unreasonable. If we eat too much, on the contrary, the blood sugar level is high, and the secretion of growth hormone is reduced, which is not conducive to the growth of children.

Control the daily intake of fat, do not let the child be too fat. Obesity has a bad effect on children, and it is easy to induce precocious puberty. Precocious puberty will affect the early closure of bone, but the height will not increase.

Parents should pay attention to the reasonable diet for their children, and provide balanced protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A and other nutrients. Only when the nutrition is balanced can we provide a solid guarantee for our height.

We should keep a moderate sense of hunger in our daily life, so as to control the blood sugar at a slightly lower level, which is conducive to the secretion of growth hormone. So we can't always let children eat in our daily life.

Children secrete more growth hormone during the night, and more in the first half of the night than in the second half. So we need to ensure the sleep time and quality of children.

Exercise can stimulate the secretion of hormones, especially in skipping rope, playing basketball, swimming, running, parallel bars and other sports, but the exercise time should be controlled at about 30-40 minutes, and too long exercise time is not conducive to the secretion of hormones.

Children's mood will also affect the secretion of growth hormone, and good mood can also promote the absorption of nutrition, improve the quality of sleep, which is conducive to the growth of children. So when eating, children should keep good mood before going to bed.