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How does man maintain facial skin?

rush to work, face the radiation of the computer all day, or be criticized by the boss accidentally. Nowadays, men have too much pressure. But how to keep a good complexion and bright skin under strong pressure is absolutely a problem that can not be ignored. In addition to training super pressure resistance, the daily way of skin care can not be ignored.


After work, I finally have my own time. Staying up late has become a daily compulsory course for many men. It's terrible for the skin. Cultivating a good working and rest time is the first step of skin care.

Lack of sleep will cause the skin to lose bright luster, and also make the skin cells rapidly aging, accelerating the appearance of skin wrinkles. During the day, the skin is engaged in the work of discharging waste. At night, it is supplemented with nutrition and self repair. This kind of work is most vigorous from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Therefore, early to bed and early to rise not only eliminates the whole body fatigue, but also can make the skin healthier!


In addition to adjusting their own diet, to avoid eating greasy and fried food, spicy food should also be kept away. Eating more antioxidant foods can increase the firmness and elasticity of skin, such as green pepper, cauliflower, tomato, papaya, orange, kiwi fruit, lemon, grapefruit, wheat germ, vegetable oil and various nuts.

Exercise: keep appropriate amount of exercise, exercise can make his blood flow smoothly, radiant, sweat outflow also helps to clean the dirt in the deep pores. Exercise is very important for the health of the skin, but also in moderation.

wash one 's face:

There is also a particular way to wash your face. You should pay attention from the inside out, from the top to the bottom, use your hands with moderate strength, massage with your fingers or tap the edges to wash your face, preferably with flowing warm water. Do not use too much force on your hands, otherwise your skin will sag after a long time. Use 2-3 minutes in the morning and evening to wash your face carefully, which will make your face clean, tight and elastic.


If a man is willing to put more effort into his face, it's better to use a scrub once a week to clean the t-area (the area between the forehead and nose). The cleaned skin needs to be immediately patted with toner to effectively prevent the skin from drying, restore the lipid layer of the epidermis, moisturize the skin, maintain the water balance, relieve the pressure on the face, and make the skin fresh and comfortable.