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How to deal with your social circle?

it's important to communicate with each other. Good communication can achieve unexpected results, so how to deepen and expand your interpersonal circle is very important.

Cultivate your own unique aura, a strong aura, which is conducive to communication with others, which will make them feel good for you. Usually pay attention to your speech and behavior, tone of voice, body language, etc., which are all points to increase your aura.

There should be a certain degree of discretion in communication, not flattery, not alone, and we must control our own mouth. No matter how familiar friends are, don't mention personal sensitive matters in the workplace, respect each other, and leave appropriate space for each other. It will always be the best lubricant to maintain a friend relationship.

From the beginning of the listener, many times, what people need is not a teacher, a guide, a preacher, but a narrator. Only when the basic feelings are established, can they last for a long time and have the discourse dominant power.

It's friends, not superiors and subordinates. What people in the circle want is a kind of equal relationship. Only when they have mutual respect, can they maintain for a long time. Any override will end quickly. More people are willing to pay instead of getting anything.

Never forget those who are really willing to pull you. How many people are there to help you? It's not the people you've helped, but the people who are willing to help you. Keep in touch, don't cool your feelings and cool your heart.