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Is SK2 Youth Dew an immortal water? Efficacy of SK2 Youth Dew

SK2 Youth Dew is also known as SK2 immortal water because of its good skin care effect. Many women who have used SK2 have said that the taste of SK2 immortal water is a little indescribable, so what is the taste of SK2 immortal water? How to use it sparingly? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian.

Is SK2 Youth Dew immortal water

It is reported that SK2 Youth Dew is SK2 immortal water. SK2 the whole name of the fairy water is called SK-II youth essence SK2, the fairy water.

The new supersedes the old. SK-II skin care essence protects the skin from the skin, promotes skin metabolism, and helps the skin to penetrate the skin layer. It helps to improve the skin's natural physiological function, and to improve the skin's natural and physiological functions. Exert the magic power of Piera? To improve the skin texture, repair the rough skin, make the skin moist and crystal clear day by day.

The efficacy is as follows:

1. Moisturize and nourish skin, regulate skin metabolism and other natural functions;

2. Replenish skin moisture, deeply moisturize skin, make skin moist, tender and white;

3. Improve skin texture and keep skin delicate and smooth.

What is the flavor of SK2 Youth Dew

It is said that there is a taste of saliva and alcohol.

SK2 Youth Dew contains yeast fermentation, which is similar to the rancid smell of enzyme fermentation. It has no smell when it is near, but when it is poured out and patted on the hand or on the cosmetic cotton, it smells the smell. I believe you will not forget that the naked taste of mouth water is like the feeling of not brushing your teeth. The fresh and freshly opened bottle of fairy water tastes lighter, but it's more and more strong after a long time.

As for the name of SK2 immortal water, simply speaking, the taste of SK2 is not good, just like the taste of saliva. Some netizens also give the name of SK2 immortal water. However, some netizens gave full play to their fantastic ideas and imagined the taste of the immortal Shuikou water as the kiss of a boy, so some people said that the immortal water SK2 was the saliva of a man.

usage method:

First, pour the magic water into the palm of your hand, then warm your hands a little, and then pat your face gently and evenly. Also gently pat the skin from the dry part of the skin from the inside out. If your hand is not easy to miss the fairy water, this method is undoubtedly more water-saving, and the temperature of your hand can also promote the penetration and absorption of nutrients in SK2 fairy water into your skin.

Sometimes it's only necessary to talk about the immortal water in a small spray bottle. When traveling, it's definitely useful, which saves space and is convenient. When you need to use it, spray it evenly on your face, and then gently pat your skin with your palm to promote the penetration of the immortal water for men SK2. The advantages of this method are water saving and even distribution. It's a very simple method. Have you collected it?