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How should women maintain themselves?

some people say that women start to grow older after they are 25 years old. It's frightening, but it's not without scientific reason. So, women should pay attention to maintenance, only lazy women, no ugly people, but how to maintain themselves.

[light make-up painting] although I don't like make-up and face up to the sky all day, I still like other people's light make-up painting. It feels elegant and light, which gives you a very fresh feeling. That's why women are proud to please themselves.

[don't stay up] I can't do that either, because there is no time in the day and only time in the evening to write, so it's normal to have a rest at 12 o'clock. But here, I advise women not to stay up late and get heart disease easily. Sometimes they write that they suddenly feel particularly upset and impatient. Take a rest quickly. Staying up late makes people aging faster and can't wake up in the day, so try not to Stay up late.

[drink more water] water is indispensable for human body. You can eat for a few days without drinking, but you can't do without drinking water. Therefore, water is very important. Human body maintenance can't do without water. If you drink enough water, your cells will be full one by one. The whole person looks very watery, and wrinkles will escape from the demons.

Shoot two hawks with one arrow. [eat more fruits] fruits are rich in vitamins. So don't eat what you want, eat any fruit, eat what you normally eat, buy more fruits at ordinary times, eat one at your leisure, and have a facial function.

[vitamin] vitamin C and vitamin E can delay the aging of human body. Therefore, it is effective to buy some and eat one pill every day. Although it is not significant, it also plays a psychological consolation role. In fact, it's OK to eat three meals a day. It's more important to work harder on recipes than what you eat. It is suggested to pay attention to dietotherapy.

[happy] it's not easy for people to live, so it's better to be happy every day. It's also comfortable for others to look at you happy. Don't groan every day. It makes people feel sad when they hear you. Everyone likes to be with optimistic people, which can affect everyone's mood, have confidence in life, and be happy. It's no big deal.

[read more] women who love reading attach great importance to spiritual life. Books can not only increase knowledge, but also relieve your boredom, see all kinds of life in the world and taste your life with heart. Depressed, read a book, can let you suddenly open, bored, read a book, can slowly let your heart quiet down. Women read more, can let you have a never old heart.