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How to eliminate the pouch what are the ways to eliminate the pouch

Eyes are too important for women, so the most important part of make-up is eyes. If you drink and sleep before you go to bed, you will get used to it for a while. When you are old, it will cause the occurrence of eye bags. How to eliminate eye bags is more urgent. So how should the pouch be removed? Here is a brief introduction of seven ways to get rid of the pouch, so that you can understand how to get rid of the pouch.

How to eliminate pouch

1、 Massage after getting up

After getting up, it's the best time to go to the eye bag and the black eye circle. After washing the face, make a clockwise circle with your hands and massage the skin around the eyes for about five minutes. It can promote the blood circulation around the eyes and eliminate the pouch.

2、 Apply vitamin E capsule before sleeping

If your eye bag is heavy, you can use vitamin E capsule to remove the mucus in the middle and apply and massage the skin under your eyes for four weeks before going to bed every night. Often used to eliminate the pouch effect.

3、 Egg massage

In the morning, your eyes are often puffy. You can cook eggs while washing your face, then wrap them in a small towel, close your eyes and massage around your eyes with eggs. Accelerate the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes, improve the dark circles and bags.

4、 Tea Eye dressing

The simplest and most effective way is to use the green tea tea after drinking, wrap it with gauze and put it in the refrigerator, and apply the cloth bag on the eyes in the morning. It has a great effect on the eye bag removal, even if it can not be completely removed, it can reduce the puffiness of the eyes.

5、 Self made Cucumber Eye Mask

Cucumber is a beauty and skin care product. It is used to make facial mask. It has a very good effect. Apply the slices of cucumber to your eyes to calm the skin and help relieve the symptoms of dark circles. But remember, the skin of the eye mask of the applied cucumber is clean, thin and easy to sunburn, so you should avoid the sun, so as not to eliminate the freckles in the eye bag.

6、 Warm water for eyes

Soak the clean towel in warm water and apply it to the eyes. Pay attention not to overheat the water temperature, otherwise the skin will wrinkle easily. Then put the towel into the cold water and apply it to the eyes. Repeat for 2 times. It can accelerate the blood circulation of the eyes and relieve the puffiness of the bags.

7、 Too much water at night

Try not to drink water half an hour before going to bed, which may affect the circulation of the eyes, resulting in poor drainage and pouch formation. We can carry out the flood discharge plan by opening the eye acupoints. Close your eyes, lie flat on the bed, and gently press the zanzhu acupoint with your index finger, that is, the depression under the eyebrow, which can well alleviate the fatigue of your eyes and help discharge the excess water.

There are many ways to remove the pouch, but not all of them can produce results, so we have to choose according to our actual situation. In fact, the best way to remove the pouch is to do a good job in prevention. First, we should be able to pay attention to our daily maintenance, and second, we should maintain good living habits. Finally, make good use of the small methods recommended by Xiaobian.