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Men are said to be able to absorb energy by holding a wire in their hands. It's amazing

It's believed that many people have been taught to stay away from some things related to electricity since they were young, because the consequences of electric shock will be unimaginable. However, according to foreign media reports, a 42 year old man in India has a unique talent. He is not only afraid of electricity, but also can get energy from it, which is called "human light bulb" by the local people. It's a brain opening!

It is reported that Kumar, 42, who lives in Muzaffar Nagar, India, claims that he not only insulates himself from the electric power, is not harmed by it at all, but can even obtain energy directly from it.

Kumar said that when he was a child, he mistakenly touched the power line at the construction site and found himself unharmed, which surprised him and made him realize that he had "super ability".

Not only that, Kumar stressed that he can get energy from electricity, 'if there is no food at home, I just need to hold the bare wire, about half an hour, I will be full, like eating traditional food. "Like electronics, Kumar believes that 80% of his body is made up of electricity.

Despite his pride, Kumar's wife and children are not satisfied, the report said, fearing every day that he accidentally touched the bare wire and was injured by electricity.

Kumar said: 'it doesn't matter that my wife doesn't appreciate me, but I believe that one day I will become famous and there will be people who appreciate me. '