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Hot spring in summer or winter

When it's cold in winter, many people like to go to the hot spring. After soaking, they are very comfortable and warm. Can you go to the hot spring in summer? In fact, you can also go to the hot spring in summer. What's the advantage of hot spring in summer? Let's have a look.

Is it suitable for hot spring in summer

It's suitable. Hot spring is a relaxing activity. Compared with taking medicine, hot spring can treat many chronic diseases. It is very helpful for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

1. Summer is the season that the human body consumes the most. Because the weather is too hot, the sun is too strong, and the energy in the day is too much, people are very easy to fatigue. Bubble hot spring in the night can promote the relaxation of blood capillary and relax nerves in static state. After the bubble, the sleep quality was improved.

2. People are easy to lack of water in summer, dehydration is the enemy of summer health, summer fatigue is a mild dehydration performance. At night, the whole body function is in a resting state, which is the best time to replenish water. The hot spring water has strong permeability. Soaking 39 & deg; C hot spring water is a good way to nourish and replenish the whole body.

Hot spring in summer or winter

1. From the perspective of seasonal time: the best way to soak in hot spring in winter

Generally speaking, you can take a hot spring all the year round, which is good for your health, but winter is the best season to take a hot spring. Because of the cold weather in winter and the decrease of people's activity, people are prone to blood stasis and poor channels. Hot spring can strengthen blood circulation, activate channels, and make the whole person comfortable after hot spring.

Note: it doesn't mean that you can't take a hot spring in summer or it's not good. But for most people, taking a hot spring is generally in winter, which is the best way to keep warm and keep healthy.

2. From the specific time point of view: the best hot spring before going to bed

The best time to go to a hot spring one day is before bed. After a day's work, you can start to soak in hot springs at 9:00 p.m. to help you sleep, improve your immunity, relieve your tiredness, relax your body and mind, and go to bed after you finish soaking in hot springs has the effect of calming your mind and helping you sleep, which can prepare you for the next day's energy.

Notes on hot spring

1. It's not good to take a hot spring if you're hungry or full

Although hot springs are good, they are not always suitable. The following situations are not suitable for hot springs; when you are hungry or tired, you can't soak it. Because of the acceleration of blood flow during bathing and the consumption of body energy, you may feel tired or run out of physical strength in the case of appeal. After a full meal, you can't soak it. If you soak it after a full meal, the blood flow in the digestive tract will be relatively reduced, which will reduce the digestive function, and easily lead to abdominal distention, belching and other uncomfortable symptoms. Generally speaking, one hour after meals is more appropriate; it is not suitable to soak after drinking, otherwise bathing stimulates blood circulation, which leads to exhaustion of physical strength and accidents; it is not suitable for patients with serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus to soak in hot springs.

2. Hot spring is not the longer the better

Take off the metal ornaments before soaking in the hot spring, otherwise the ornaments will be easily corroded by the minerals in the spring water. Before entering the hot spring pool, the feet first enter the pool, soak the feet first, and then pour spring water on the body with both hands, and then immerse the whole body after adapting to the water temperature, so as to give the body a time to adapt, and avoid the skin stimulation caused by overheating of the water temperature. Generally speaking, the length of hot spring bath is determined by the spring temperature.

3. It's not practical to cure the discomfort

Different components of hot spring water have different therapeutic effects. On the one hand, the free carbon dioxide in the carbonated spring can improve the cardiovascular function, improve the blood circulation and reduce the burden on the heart; on the other hand, the carbonated spring can act on the skin and form a layer of carbonated gas film, so as to stimulate the sensory nerve endings of the skin, improve the acid-base degree of the skin, enhance the resistance of the skin, and improve the skin quality and play a role of beauty. Sulfur spring can soften, dissolve and sterilize cutin, which has a positive effect on regulating cutin metabolism. Iodine spring can promote inflammation absorption, scar dissolution and tissue regeneration.