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What actions are not suitable for the elderly in daily life?

we all know that when people are old, they need to be careful about what they do. Because their functions have declined and their hands and feet are not so flexible, they should pay special attention in daily life. What actions are not suitable for the elderly in daily life? Let's take a look at it specifically today, hoping that the elderly can live a long and healthy life.

For the elderly, the cervical spine is not very good, so when someone calls you or needs to turn your head in case of an accident, do not turn your head quickly. Turning your head quickly can easily lead to headache, dizziness, or even acute attack of cardio cerebrovascular disease, neck fracture, etc. Especially for those who have high blood pressure and cervical spondylosis.

If the elderly want to keep fit, they need to choose sports with a relatively small range. Health preservation starts from every bit of life, rather than one day and one night. It's better not to do such an action as sit ups, because it's easy to cause irreversible damage to the cervical and lumbar spine.

For the elderly, the body's muscles begin to reduce, of course, the corresponding balance force will become poor, so for the elderly, it is better not to climb mountains or stairs, otherwise it will accelerate joint aging. If you must climb the stairs, you must hold the handrail firmly and pay attention to safety.

In the morning exercise, we will see that many old people like to walk backward, and think that this can achieve the effect of exercise more. However, the elderly's balance, eyesight, and reaction ability have declined, and walking backwards is easy to cause accidents.

There are also old people to pay attention to, try not to bend down to take heavy things, it is actually harmful to anyone, if the strength is not in place, it is easy to flash to the waist, or even the blood pressure rises abruptly. Especially for the middle-aged and the elderly, we should avoid this sport.

For the common warm-up exercise, waist twisting is the most common, but if your back muscle strength drops, standing to do this action, it is easy to cause back injury, may also fall.