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How to remove the scaly dry skin of the fish on the leg

How to remove the scaly dry skin of the fish on the leg

In summer, the air in many places is dry, which also causes many friends to suffer from various skin problems. In daily life, the skin of the calves is dry and presents fish scales, so how to break this? Let's have a look.

1. The skin of patients with scales on legs is rough and dry, accompanied by pityroid scales, which are rhombic or polygonal, light brown or dark brown. Most of them occur symmetrically on the extended side of the limbs. The light ones disappear completely in summer, appear or aggravate in winter, and the heavy ones become thicker with obvious stripes. So if the calf skin is dry and similar to the fish scale, it must be found and treated as early as possible, so as not to cause more serious injury to itself. It can be applied externally with the pure plant essence of Shi Chen's Chen grass Chen Ben Chen frost, applied 1-3 times a day, and can recover after half a month.

2. Prepare olive oil and preservative film for skin care, which are basically sold in supermarkets. According to the size of fish scales on your calves, choose the right size of the fresh-keeping film. It's better to prepare more. Take about half an hour out every day, wash the calves first, and then apply a layer of olive oil. If the scale of the calf skin is serious, apply a little thicker, if not too serious, apply a little thinner.

After the olive oil is evenly coated, wrap it with a fresh-keeping film, and wrap it tightly. Then wait for half an hour, and then remove the plastic wrap. After removing the wrap, wash the olive oil that is not absorbed by the legs. After cleaning, it's better to apply a layer of body milk, because the skin of fish scales is the symptom of some dry people, so it's also important to keep the skin moist.

If you want to get rid of the problem of dry and scaly skin on your calves, you must be patient, never rush to success, keep a good attitude and face the problem optimistically, which can also alleviate the skin condition very well.