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Which bad habits are easy to hurt the stomach?

in daily life, due to some bad living habits and other reasons, there are many people suffering from stomach disease, and the trend is increasing. Stomach disease is often ignored, long-term development may lead to other diseases, seriously affecting health. So, what behavior in life will harm the health of the stomach and intestines? Let me tell you in detail, I hope to help my friends!

Irregular diet

The stomach is an organ that strictly abides by the "Kung Fu table". There are physiological peaks and troughs in the release of gastric juice into the day, so as to facilitate the digestion of food as soon as possible. If there is no food neutralization between gastric acid and pepsin, it will digest your stomach and cause damage to the gastric mucosa. "Forgetting to eat and sleep" will slowly erode the health of the stomach.


Long term overeating can induce pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The death rate of pancreatic cancer is as high as 20% - 40%. Based on the daily intake of calories, the most appropriate proportion should be 30% for breakfast, 40% for lunch and 30% for dinner. It's not good to eat too much or too little!

Like stimulating food

Malatang, barbecue and Shabu are the most taboo foods for digestive doctors. The gastric mucosa is very delicate. If you eat it too spicy, it will stimulate your stomach and cause burning. If you eat too hot, you will burn the gastric mucosa, which will cause gastritis and even gastric cancer. Finally, you will feel cool on your mouth, but it will hurt your stomach!

Love coffee or strong tea

Both strong tea and coffee are central stimulants, which can affect the gastric mucosa first through nerve reflex, causing congestion of gastric mucosa, dysfunction of release function, destruction of mucosal barrier, causing gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Constant smoking and drinking

When smoking, the smoke will enter the stomach along with the digestive tract, first of all, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, cause the blood vessels under the mucosa to contract and spasm, and cause the gastric mucosa to be ischemic and anoxic, which will cause the gastric ulcer in the long run. Drinking a large amount of alcohol for a long time or once will first damage the gastric mucosa barrier, causing congestion, edema, erosion, and even bleeding.