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What's the use of expired pure milk?

milk is a kind of food that people often drink. But in daily life, they often drink some milk left over, put it in the refrigerator, and then forget it. When they think about it, it's overdue, and they can't drink it anymore. It's a pity to lose it. Today, let's study what's the use of expired pure milk, and get up.

Milk is rich in fat, protein, phosphorus and other substances with high value. Expired pure milk also contains rich lactic acid.

If there is no caking phenomenon, the expired pure milk can be used as a hand cream or a mask. It can play a moisturizing role. If milk has begun to lump, it will not have such effect.

Use the expired pure milk to wipe the leather shoes or leather goods, use gauze or brush to dip some expired pure milk on the leather shoes or leather goods evenly, after the milk is completely dry, use a clean rag to wipe it, the leather shoes or leather goods immediately become bright and fresh.

Use the expired pure milk to mop the floor, and the wood floor will become dull after a long time. At this time, you can mix the expired pure milk with a proper amount of water, and mop the floor with the mixed water. You will be surprised to find that the wood floor becomes bright, just like the new one.

It is a very good natural fertilizer to water flowers with expired pure milk. Dig a small pit beside the flower path, pour in the milk, and then cover it with a layer of soil to prevent the sour taste of milk from spreading out.

Remove the ink with expired pure milk. Sometimes, you may accidentally get the ink on the clothes, but you can't wash it with washing liquid. At this time, you can soak the place with ink with water first, and then pour a proper amount of expired pure milk into the place with ink for a few minutes, and repeat for three times, the ink will disappear.