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What to do with people who have been vaccinated in the vaccine incident? Let's see what the CDC expe

According to the latest media reports, the baibaibaipo vaccine incident, which was widely discussed by netizens, was actually a problem at the end of last year, involving two manufacturers Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan biological products research Co., Ltd.

according to official data, as many as 650000 batches of vaccines have been found to have problems. Changchun's production is mainly distributed to Shandong, while Wuhan's production is mainly sold to Chongqing and Hebei Province. Many parents are very anxious about this and question the vaccines their children have been vaccinated against. For this reason, the reporter of science and technology daily interviewed relevant experts, hoping to play a role in answering questions and explaining doubts. Low titer does not mean unsafe pertussis is a kind of (free) vaccine, which is used to prevent pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus, three more critical diseases, and must be vaccinated.

According to the announcement of the State Food and drug administration, the main problems of DPT vaccine were found that the item of "titer determination" did not meet the requirements during the inspection. If the titer index is unqualified, it may affect the immune protection effect, but it is not harmful to human body. Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist of China CDC, said in an interview with science and Technology Daily on Tuesday.

Zeng Guang pointed out that, like other drugs, effectiveness and safety are the two bases of vaccines. According to reports, the vaccine titer index represents the effectiveness of the vaccine, sterility and other indicators represent the safety of the vaccine. The unqualified titer index means that the content of effective antigen in the vaccine is lower than the standard range, indicating that the protective effect of the vaccine is not enough, which is different from the safety. Unqualified titer index will not increase safety risk.

Some experts said that the decrease of vaccine titer does not mean that it will lose its protective effect. Everyone's response to vaccine antigens is not the same. Some people can generate enough immune response even to a small amount of vaccine titer. In addition, due to the fact that each person of DPT combined vaccine needs to be inoculated with 4 doses continuously at different times, a lack of vaccine titer does not mean the loss of protection.

"Generally speaking, the protection coefficient of vaccines is higher than the normal standard when they leave the factory. If parents determine that their children are vaccinated with pertussis vaccine, they can consult with the local disease control department or vaccination unit to see if they want to continue to vaccinate. "Said Zeng Guang.

As for the parents' concerns about the harm to their children's health after vaccination, Zeng Guang explained that, in fact, the common adverse reactions of the vaccine, including local redness, swelling, fever, allergy, are generally mild. The incidence of allergy is very low. For most people, the vaccine is safe. The adverse reactions caused by the vaccine usually occur within 24-48 hours after vaccination, and the possibility of recurrence or sequelae is very small.

I'm most worried about this kind of anxiety and the infinite spread of distrust of vaccines. In fact, if parents refuse to give vaccination, it will do much more harm than low-cost vaccination. "On the phone, Zeng Guang repeatedly stressed.

Zeng Guang said that vaccines are the most economical and effective means to prevent and control infectious diseases, and their role cannot be replaced. In the 6th, 14th and late 19th century, there were three plague pandemics in the world, which killed 140 million people, far more than the death toll of the first and second world wars. In the 18th century, smallpox spread in Europe, killing more than 150 million people.

It is because of the emergence of vaccines that millions of potential cases are prevented every year around the world. Before smallpox was eliminated in 1980, 60% of the world's population was threatened by smallpox; more than a quarter of smallpox patients died of illness. Since 1988, global polio infection has declined by 99%, and it is estimated that about 5 million people are free from paralysis. In 2000-2007, measles mortality worldwide fell by 74%.

The World Health Organization (who) proposes that no preventive health intervention is more cost-effective than immunization. The international community has again and again recognized the value of vaccines and immunization. Vaccines can not only prevent and control a large number of infectious diseases such as diarrhea, measles, pneumonia, poliomyelitis and pertussis, but also more and more be used to prevent and control a number of chronic diseases caused by infectious factors.

"Therefore, at present, the relevant departments should closely monitor the change of vaccination rate, not to stop eating because of choking, not to mention to cause panic because of this incident, and refuse all vaccinations. It is inevitable that all people will be injured. "Said Zeng Guang.