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Can Jiuzhaigou waterfall recover to the past? Can Jiuzhaigou waterfall be repaired?

Like fairyland, Jiuzhaigou is a place that many people want to visit. But Jiuzhaigou waterfall collapsed under the influence of the earthquake. Can Jiuzhaigou waterfall still be restored? Why don't experts recommend repairing it?

Can the collapse of Jiuzhaigou waterfall be restored? It is difficult to restore the original appearance of Jiuzhaigou waterfall.

After the earthquake on August 8, some scenic spots in Jiuzhaigou scenic spot were damaged, including spark sea, norilang waterfall and other scenic spots, which were seriously damaged and almost 'disappeared'. Norilang waterfall is located in Jiuzhaigou scenic area, with an altitude of 2365 meters, a width of 270 meters and a height of 24.5 meters. It is one of the large calcified waterfalls in China and the widest waterfall in China. In Tibetan, NuoRiLang means great and tall, so NuoRiLang waterfall means magnificent waterfall.

According to Peng Yingdeng, an environmental protection expert, ecology includes biological ecology and landscape ecology. Jiuzhaigou is a very typical and aesthetic landscape ecology. The damage of the earthquake to the original landscape of Jiuzhaigou is devastating. He said that the damaged landscape can only be restored, but it is almost impossible for the broken waterfall to be restored through ecological restoration.

How to repair Jiuzhaigou waterfall?

Peng Yingdeng said that the restoration of infrastructure such as plank road and parking lot is not difficult to achieve, and should follow the principle of not damaging the landscape and polluting the environment, which Jiuzhaigou has done well before. The restoration of landscape ecology should conform to the principle of ecological restoration, that is, not to do too many artificial structures, try to keep the original ecological appearance, and follow the principle of natural restoration and ecological priority.

He Siming, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of mountain disaster and surface process of Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher of Chengdu Institute of mountain research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, thinks that Jiuzhaigou earthquake area includes the restoration of dam landscape and water. The restoration of water can be realized by dredging and retaining the soil on the slope.

He stressed that ecological priority should be given to restoration, local materials should be taken as much as possible, artificial materials should be avoided and artificial works should be constructed to maintain the natural style. 'it's impossible to recover completely. It's a kind of natural force. Just follow it. Peng Yingdeng said that the earthquake is also one of the factors in the formation of the landscape, and there is no need to make artificial changes. Like the destroyed great wall and Yuanmingyuan, they are also valuable landscapes.