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Can you drink yogurt after running at night? Can you lose weight by drinking yogurt after exercise yogurt is a very nutritious drink, which can protect our intestines and stomach. Can we drink yogurt after running at night? How long is it better to drink yogurt after running at night? Let's have a look!

Can I have yogurt after running at night


It's good to drink yogurt after night running because it's alkaline food and has a good health care effect. Moreover, the absorption rate of nutrients by human body after exercise is very high. Drinking yoghurt after exercise is more beneficial to absorb yoghurt. In addition, in addition to rich nutrition, yogurt also contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria, drinking 0.25-0.5 kg per day, can maintain the normal intestinal flora balance, promote digestion and absorption. Therefore, yogurt is especially suitable for drinking after exercise.

It's better to drink yogurt for how long after running at night

You can drink yogurt after running at night, but you'd better not drink it right away. It's better to drink it every half an hour. It is easy to increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract and dilute the gastric juice immediately, which not only reduces the bactericidal effect of gastric juice, but also hinders the digestion of food.

Can you lose weight by drinking yogurt after exercise

The effect of drinking yoghurt after exercise is better

Most of the obese are people with high fat ratio, low muscle ratio and low metabolic rate. If they can drink a glass of milk or yoghurt within an hour after exercise, it can not only solve the problem of hunger, but also supplement nutrition and promote the increase of muscle proportion. With the increase of muscle proportion, the metabolism rate of the dieters will rise. After exercise, they can better decompose fat, improve body shape, and give full play to the effect of exercise on weight loss and body building. Therefore, after exercise than before drinking yogurt can lose weight.