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How to prevent radiation and what to eat

With the progress of science and technology, the radiation around us is very large at the same time of convenience. So how harmful are these radiation? What can we eat to prevent radiation? What common anti radiation food can we use for reference? Let's popularize it for you

in fact, strawberry contains 50-100 mg vitamin C per 100 g of strawberry. Compared with apple, strawberry contains more than 10 times more vitamin C. strawberry also contains a lot of vitamin E and polyphenol antioxidants. Nutritional value is very good, these are very good anti radiation vitamins. And strawberry itself can avoid skin lipid oxidation and dryness. So regular eating can prevent skin from aging.


The most well-known king of fruit, in addition to its high nutritional value, can also prevent radiation. In this era of radiation, this can be regarded as a great blessing.

According to the research results of a famous scientist in the United States, immature or half ripe apples have the function of radiation protection. The ripening of Apple needs a lot of sunshine, which can effectively absorb the rays of sunshine. The pace of modern urban life is very tense, and the pressure of professional people is very great. Many people have different degrees of tension and depression. Putting a few green apples on their desks can not only absorb computer radiation, but also relieve their bad mood by picking up an apple and smelling it. At the same time, they can refresh their mind. When their eyes are tired, they can play with it for a while, which is natural green It protects the eyes.

Balsam pear

Eat balsam pear at the right time when eating. Balsam pear contains an ingredient, which can effectively inhibit the canceration of a normal package and promote the recovery of specialized cells. It has certain anticancer effect. It also has the characteristics of lowering blood lipid and blood pressure. Prevention of osteoporosis, regulation of endocrine, antioxidant and other functions. At the same time, further improve their own resistance. Improve the response mechanism in the body.


Cherry is rich in nutrition, such as fruit and vegetable fiber, protein, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and iron. And often eat cherries can supplement the body's iron content. Promote the regeneration of hemoglobin. Can prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also can increase their physical fitness. It's also a kind of radiation resistant fruits and vegetables.

A mandarin orange

The taste is slightly sour, and the nutrition is rich in protein, fat and carbohydrate. The microelements include calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, etc., which is one of the indispensable nutrients in our body. Moreover, the antioxidant component is high, which can promote the enhancement of the immune system. It can keep the skin beautiful and glossy. Oranges should not be eaten with crabs. Otherwise, they may cause dissatisfaction.


It is a common health food in daily life. It is rich in nutrition, is a natural moistening product, is also one of the moistening products that we contact most in our daily life. It can not only make our defecation unobstructed, prevent constipation, but also nourish our appearance. Moreover, it is also of great benefit to the health of the elderly. It can also help many middle-aged and old people to prevent neurasthenia and other characteristics, and long-term consumption will make our muscles weak The skin has a natural protective film, making the skin white and bright.


Why is carrot one of the anti radiation foods? Because the carotene and many microelements in carrots enhance our immune system, so as to achieve a radiation resistant body. Then carotene can also make our cells appear younger, so that our body presents a younger body.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin C are antioxidant vitamins, which can reduce the oxidation caused by computer radiation, as if to add a layer of 'bullet proof clothing' to our skin and minimize the damage to the skin.

The above introduces several kinds of anti radiation food for you. Those computer workers work in front of the computer every day, which is very harmful. In addition, many parts of life cannot be separated from the computer. Therefore, you should eat more of the above food to prevent radiation and don't let yourself get hurt.

The effect of radiation on human body begins with cells. It can accelerate the decline of cells, inhibit the formation of new cells, cause cell deformity, or change the biochemical reaction in human body. When the radiation dose is low, the human body itself has a certain ability to repair the radiation damage, and can repair the above reactions, so it does not show harmful effects or symptoms. However, if the dosage is too high, which exceeds the repair ability of organs or tissues in the human body, it will cause local or systemic lesions. It will also have different reactions due to different people's different physique.

Radiation around us

There are some things around us that can't be seen or touched, such as the air, dust, radiation and so on around us. Many people are afraid of radiation as soon as they talk about it, because it is invisible, but it will cause different degrees of harm to the human body. In fact, radiation is not a rarity. There is radiation all around us. In our daily life, we are exposed to certain radiation when we are basking in the sea, playing with computers, wearing a night light watch, lighting a CT, etc. It's just that none of the radiation in our life will do too much harm to human body, so most people also ignore its existence. And a lot of radiation is very harmful to human body, so we should take some phase protection measures to prevent and reduce the harm of radiation to our human body.

Natural background irradiation

Radioactivity is ubiquitous in nature, and we have been exposed to natural background radiation. The 'background' of natural radiation comes from two sources: one is the radiation in the form of high-energy particles, which comes from outer space, collectively referred to as cosmic rays; the other is natural radiation, which is the radiation naturally existing in ordinary substances (such as air, water, soil and rock, and even food). In addition, people in modern society will be exposed to various artificial radiation, such as X-ray examination, watching TV, using microwave oven, etc. The following table lists various background radiation by radiation size. It can be seen from this that human beings will receive a small amount of radiation in their eating, using, living and traveling.

Computer radiation and women's health

Nowadays, a large number of professional women enter management, business, finance, post and telecommunications, service and other institutions to deal with computers. According to relevant data, computer operators are mainly women, half of whom are women of childbearing age. At the same time, there are TV, image, audio, computer, copier, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, radio station, mobile phone, cordless phone, power transmission line and all other electrical appliances produce electromagnetic radiation, which has a profound harm to human health! The computer has changed women's life in all aspects, and also has an all-round impact on women's fertility, beauty and body All aspects of mental health.

How to minimize the harm of computer radiation to human body

1. Avoid continuous operation of the computer for a long time, and pay attention to the intermediate rest. To maintain the most appropriate posture, the distance between the eyes and the screen should be 40-50 cm, so that the eyes are flat or slightly downward looking at the screen.

2. New computers should be purchased as much as possible. Generally, old computers should not be used. The radiation of old computers is generally severe. Under the condition of the same distance and similar models, the radiation of old computers is generally 1-2 times that of new computers.

3. When using a computer, adjust the brightness of the screen. Generally speaking, the greater the brightness of the screen, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, and vice versa. However, it should not be too dark, so as not to affect the effect due to too small brightness, and easy to cause eye fatigue.

4. Do not place miscellaneous metal objects in the room to avoid the re emission of electromagnetic wave.

5. Keep a good working environment indoors, such as comfortable temperature, clean air, appropriate anion concentration and ozone concentration.

6. The light in the computer room should be suitable, not too bright or too dark, to avoid the interference light caused by direct light on the fluorescent screen. The workshop should be ventilated and dry.

7. Use a filter on the computer's fluorescent screen to reduce fatigue. Glass or high quality plastic filters are preferred.

8. Install protective devices to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic radiation.

9. Keep skin clean. There is a large amount of static electricity on the surface of the computer fluorescent screen. The dust collected can be transferred to the exposed skin of the face and hands. After a long time, it is easy to develop macula, pigmentation, and even skin lesions.

10. Pay attention to nutrition supplement. If the computer operator works too long in front of the screen, the rhodopsin on the retina will be consumed, and the rhodopsin is mainly synthesized by vitamin A. Therefore, computer operators should eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, dates, oranges, milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement vitamin A and protein in human body. And drink more tea, tea polyphenols and other active substances will be conducive to absorption and resistance of radioactive substances.

11. Computer radiation damages the skin. Wash your face after using the computer. Computers are becoming more and more necessary for work. Dermatologists have warned that when operating computers, you must wash your face after using them. The distance between the body and the computer screen should be no less than 70 cm.

Although the radiation generated by the computer screen is very small, it will still damage the skin after accumulating over time, and it is easy to produce facial spots. The skin around the eyes appears slack, fishtail lines, eye bags and dark circles. City skin hospital experts remind computer frequent users, especially women, before they get on the plane, they should first apply some protective equipment, such as cream or foundation. At the same time, it is best to use the computer protective screen. After using the computer, it's better to wash your face often. Because long time in front of the screen, the skin is also prone to excessive oil secretion, dust accumulation and so on. Before going to bed, you need to clean your skin in time after using the computer.

Conclusion: the society is changing with each passing day. With the rapid development of many science and technology industries, the quality of our life has been improved and some hidden dangers have been brought to us. In our life, we should always pay attention to the details. For example, when we sleep, we can put our mobile phone outside the bedroom and try to be far away from people. A little bit of life accumulation may make us more and more far away from the harm and keep our body healthy.