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What should I do when I am out of work and life?

so many young people know that there is a lot of pressure, but what pressure brings is not motivation, but a kind of anti state that hates everything in front of them. What should we do at this time?

First of all, we should find out the reason. Is it because of some difficulty in work? Or the influence of some people around you? Only when the medicine is right can we know where to go.

Exercise, running when confused, many times can't do it because of health problems.

Diet and rest, think about all these things you have done? Like a normal person?

Make a plan and set a goal. A day and a year without an ideal goal are nothing.

Change the form of work and life into the pursuit of some character and career, and you will be full of motivation if you make a sublimation.

Don't mix with the mess, it will only take you to the ditch. You should have your own opinions.