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What to do in case of fire in a rainy day? How to prevent fire in a rainy day

Three dog days is the hottest time of the year, and it is also the time when the human body is most likely to catch fire. Most of the fire is caused by internal heat. The Yin and yang are out of balance. After the fire, it is not allowed to reduce the fire blindly. For example, people usually eat more fruits, drink mung bean soup, bitter gourd and herbal tea. Although these methods are useful, they should be moderate, otherwise they will be harmful to the body.

experts say, first, we need to maintain a scientific life rule, work and rest on time, and eat regularly and quantitatively. Arrange all kinds of moderate exercise, ensure adequate sleep, avoid staying up late, so as to avoid excessive fatigue, resulting in the decline of body resistance. Second, during the period of 'getting on fire', pay attention to not eating spicy food, drinking alcohol, smoking and staying up late, pay attention to oral hygiene, wash your mouth frequently, drink more water, and take fire-fighting drugs under the guidance of doctors. The third is to eat more fire-fighting food. For example, fresh green vegetables, cucumbers, oranges, green tea and so on all have good fire control functions. In addition, you can take all kinds of cool granules, such as jinyinhualu, which also has a very special fire fighting effect.

how to prevent the fire in the dog days

Fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, watermelons, bitter melons, pears, mangosteen, etc., can prevent and eliminate summer heat. At the same time, in the hot weather, we need to add enough protein. We can eat more fish, eggs, beans and other food. We can also drink more mung bean soup to reduce the fire and relieve the heat.

2. Drink more water

To get rid of heat and fire is to drink more water. In most cases, drinking more water will do no harm to the body. In high temperature, drinking more water can timely supplement the body water. Or you can add a small amount of salt to the boiled water, which can help supplement the body's calcium and other substances and some trace elements, at the same time, it can prevent heatstroke (emergency department). 3. More swimming

Swimming is the first choice for women to spend a cool summer. It can not only relieve summer heat, but also lose weight. There are many people who like swimming in summer, but the outdoor temperature is very high and the ultraviolet ray is strong. Go to the seaside for swimming, especially for bathing suit, sunburn (Dermatology) and heatstroke (emergency department). It's better to choose indoor swimming. After swimming, you must wash your body with warm water. The temperature of the water is not much different from that of your body. A little below body temperature is better.