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Gao Xiaosong's interview with c Luo's rough ending the recording ahead of time

&#On July 21, a netizen revealed that Gao Xiaosong was unhappy in the course of his conversation with Ronaldo. Gao Xiaosong asked about Ronaldo's plans after his retirement, which made him very unhappy and the conversation broke up. According to a translator on the scene, Gao Xiaosong's interview annoyed Ronaldo, who left early because of a problem. Many people say Gao Xiaosong doesn't understand football, and some say that Ronaldo plays a big card. What's the truth of this matter? Let's listen to Gao Xiaosong's latest response.

Gao Xiaosong explained that: the original recording started at 11:45 a.m., and c Luo appeared at 12:55 a.m. all of our crew were hungry without any complaints, understanding the busy superstar. When they came in, they started to rush people out, even the program director and my assistant. We also understand the superstar's privacy requirements, and we are still working with the greatest enthusiasm. Gao Xiaosong suggested that c Luo played a big card!

About what he plans to do after retiring in the future, Ronaldo has answered many times in the interviews with Western media. When doing film business, the list of questions we gave to the other party in advance is clearly listed, and the other party has no objection. We didn't ask any questions that the other party asked in advance.

In addition, for the original 45 minute conversation, the other party stopped in 31 minutes. In order to complete the program, I asked for a closing question that only needs 10 seconds to answer. This is the basic professional ethics of a media person, and Ronaldo also answered it.

As for the expletives, I would like to say that I have had many interviews with celebrities such as Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Irish President Higgins, all of which are in a harmonious atmosphere. So it can only be understood as the other party's problem.

Some netizens Tucao said: "this translation is really very level, and I will not make complaints about it later. Is this translation amateur? Professional ethics, to learn the language of shame. Some people also said that after c Luo left, Gao Xiaosong was so angry that he couldn't speak. He was angry at the video team. ​​​​