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What is the function of F1-F12 shortcut key on the computer almost everyone can operate the computer, but how much do you know about the shortcut key and function key? F1-F12 on the computer is called function key. Using function key can improve office efficiency and save time, so what are the functions of each function key? Let's have a look.

F1 (call up help)

If you use F1 directly, you can call up "help" and jump out of Microsoft Help and support window. It is the solution provided to you that you have encountered problems. When using some software, such as design class, help us quickly understand the software and get started quickly. Some foreign software is all in English, and help is also a good 'life-saving straw'.

F2 (rename)

I don't care who you think of when you are alone, but when you need to change the name of the file, please remember this function key immediately. It can save you at least a few seconds. Office time is composed of such fragmented time pieces. You think ah, the mouse used for a long time, got 'mouse disease' how uncomfortable, like rheumatism, like the pain every three to five. So there are many advantages to using shortcut keys to reduce the dependence on the mouse.

F3 (to search for files)

When you want to search for files, if you use the mouse, click to click for a long time, it's better to solve the problem with one click. If you are still a silly, innocent and extremely cute little white, it may take a long time for you to find a search file function. It's better to remember the shortcut key directly, as if you are tens of years old and become an old driver in an instant.

F4 (call up address bar list directory)

When you want to click the address bar when you are using IE and other browsers, click the down arrow on the right side of the mouse, and the shortcut key is also on the line, but the shortcut key has its own advantages. Now the notebook is used more and more widely, almost monopolizing the office field, and the wireless mouse is also the current trend, if your mouse is out of power, your touch keyboard is not familiar with, you can only spend more time, and the notebook keyboard always has it, this is its advantage. And tell you a little secret. Big gods use shortcut keys. You don't need to watch them!

F5 (refresh)

Refresh in order to refresh the content of the web page, the realization of the refresh function is basically either right-click refresh, or use F5 to refresh. Press Ctrl + F5 to force a refresh.

F6 (location bar)

Can quickly navigate to the address bar in the browser. This you try to know in the browser, you can locate the address bar, need the current URL when the application is very convenient. But when you need to copy the URL, the mouse point is worried about missing letters, which is very convenient.

F8 (display start menu)

When we start the computer, we can display the Startup menu. This function is often used by people who are familiar with computers, but we only discuss the application of office, so we will not repeat it.

F10 (activate menu in windows or program)

It can be used to activate the menu in windows or programs. Press Shift + F10 to display the right-click shortcut menu. And the shortcut key in Windows media player can increase the volume, but now many people don't use the player.

F11 (full screen display)

When we open Explorer or IE and other browsers, we think that the menu bar of the browser takes up too much space to display in full screen, this key is very easy to use. In some cases, it is very convenient to use when the browser page is large. The picture below shows the full screen situation of today's headline page.

F12 (call up save as guide menu

It also has no effect in windows. But in software such as word, pressing it will quickly pop up a window to save as a file. This shortcut can also save you a few seconds. It's worth remembering!

F1display help

F2 rename

F3 search for files

F4 open address bar list

F5 refresh

F6 positioning address bar

F7 has no effect

F8 display start menu

F9 quickly reduce the volume in Windows Media Player

F10 activate menu in windows or program

F11 Explorer or IE becomes full screen.

F12 call up save as guide menu

The above is the basic function of F1-F12. Everyone basically knows only one but not the other. Learn more about more efficient use and save more time. Predict more efficient and energy-efficient dry goods, pay attention to me and don't lose them.