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What time does the dog days end in 2018? How many days are there in the end of 2018 in 2018, the three dog days have already entered. As the name suggests, there are three dog days, namely, the ambush, the ambush and the ambush. They are all divided into time periods. So when does the three dog days end in 2018?

When is the end of the end of 2018? When is the end of 2018? August 25, 2018

The last few days in 2018: 10 days

Three dog days schedule in 2018:

Early lodging time in 2018: July 17-26, 2018, 10 days

Medium voltage time in 2018: July 27, 2018 - August 15, 2018, medium voltage, 20 days

Last fall of 2018: August 16-25, 2018, last fall, 10 days

The calculation method of last volt: GR = (D - [y / 4]) mod10

For example, in 2006, GR = (1 - [6 / 4]) mod10 = 0 (10), on July 20, 30, and 9.

Last precautions

1. The neck and waist should not face the air conditioner, and the clothes should be over the elbow and knee in the air conditioner room

Compared with winter, most people have a cold in summer, because everyone likes to turn on the air conditioner in summer. When they come back from sweating or after exercise, they blow the air conditioner hard. The moisture will enter the human body along the open sweat pores and damage the Yang. In the air conditioning room to wear clothes over the elbow over the shoulder, women do not show waist, men do not show cervical spine.

2. Avoid ice drinking and ice cream

If you are afraid of heat, you can drink cold, white and open at normal temperature, simple and healthy. If you can keep away from ice drinks and ice-cream in a dog's day, even if you don't go to winter for treatment in summer, the stubborn cold in your body will be better for most of you, especially those friends who are afraid of cold and cold hands and feet in winter.

3. Avoid staying up late in the cold

Many people like to stay up late. From the perspective of Taoist medicine, lack of sleep is the symptom of spleen deficiency, indicating that the body is too wet. Three volts these days should make up a nap, 30 to 60 minutes can, after an hour's nap will affect the night's sleep.

4. Don't sit still

In summer, people sweat when they move. Unlike before, people who love to move and sit for a long time will lack blood supply, aggravate fatigue and muscle ache, and affect the elimination of moisture. Summer practice three volts, that is to say, summer can not be completely motionless, should be a little activity. In summer, when the temperature is over 35 ℃, the sunlight is over 12 hours, and the humidity is over 80%, the body will sweat, and the cutting of the emotion regulation center will be obviously affected. People are also easily upset. At this time, the way to practice is very simple: sitting upright, closing eyes, swallowing Tianjin is a good way.

5. Dry your hair before you sleep

Many people think that the high temperature in summer can sleep without drying or drying their hair, but in fact, this is a very bad habit! In summer, people take a bath very frequently, some people sit in the air-conditioning room with their hair wet, or even go to sleep without drying their hair, resulting in 'dampness' invading the body unconsciously. So dry your hair and go to sleep in summer.