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Remember the 5 most difficult traffic signs!

Sihai network: due to the frequent traffic accidents, traffic control departments will introduce new rules according to the actual road conditions every year. However, the introduction of new traffic rules makes many old drivers have big heads. These traffic signs are rare and hard to distinguish. If they are mistaken or neglected, it is easy to cause road congestion, Even cause traffic accidents, the following small braid take you familiar with all kinds of road signs and signs, I hope you will be familiar with them after reading, and remember not to lose points in vain.

The first thing to say is the left turn lane sign, that is to say, vehicles have to take the middle or the right lane when turning left or turning around, rather than the traditional left turn lane. This regulation is mainly to reduce road congestion and increase the turning radius to prevent accidents and convenient turning. This regulation is really too strange. The main cities are distributed in Guangzhou, Shanghai and other first tier cities, but What we need to pay attention to is that in case of entering this lane, we should look at the signs and pay attention to the road signs in advance. Don't go wrong and lose points.

The second is that there are signs of deceleration lines on both sides of the dotted line or solid line. This one is the longitudinal deceleration line specified in the new national standard. This one is mainly set in some deceleration curves or bridges to remind drivers to slow down during the driving process and never overspeed. As the riders who walk on the mountain road and ramp all know, the wide diamond dotted line Arranged on both sides of the lane, the lane will have a narrower sense of visual pressure, even for unfamiliar drivers will subconsciously slow down.

Then there is the tidal lane, which we are all familiar with. The tidal lane is a new species derived from the modernization of automobile traffic, which is mainly to avoid the road congestion in the morning and evening peak. For the friends who have the tidal lane, don't worry and calm down. Generally, there will be prompts at the entrance, so don't panic. Just follow the signs.

Then there is the escape lane, commonly known as the dead end road, which is set up to avoid danger. It is usually common in places of continuous downhill. This is a special lane specially prepared for vehicles that are out of control due to continuous downhill, so as to prevent vehicles from rushing out of the lane or chasing the tail in case of accidents during continuous downhill. It is also named the dead end platform, which is relatively short in length. Please don't be curious It's not a joke.

The last is the priority sign at the intersection. When this sign appears, don't rush into it. You can't afford the consequences. This lane is mainly open to traffic in disorder without traffic lights. When you meet this poor intersection, you must slow down and let go. Don't drive a bucket car. Otherwise, you will be fully responsible for the congestion and even traffic accidents.

After reading the above traffic signs, can you make them clear? These traffic signs are rare and hard to distinguish. If you make a mistake or neglect, it is easy to cause road congestion and even traffic accidents. I hope you can remember.