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How to pay five insurances and one gold? Is it reliable to pay five insurances and one gold?

With the implementation of the policy of delaying retirement, many people begin to question whether it is worthwhile to pay five insurances and one fund. How is it worthwhile to pay five insurances and one fund? How can it not be paid in full in the past 40 years?

Delayed retirement will be inevitable for every young person who still has a long working life. So how to use the "five insurances and one gold" which has been paid for nearly 40 years without wasting?

1. Endowment insurance: if you have a job to pay, you have to pay if you don't have a job. After retirement, let the state support you

A young partner asked, 'I am a freelancer now, is it necessary to pay for endowment insurance?' Xiaojin suggested that I should go to the local social security center to pay for social security by myself. After all, this is a kind of social insurance, which costs a lot less than the commercial endowment insurance on the market. Moreover, if the employer has paid for several years before, it suddenly stops paying, and can't enjoy the basic pension security of the state until the retirement age.

Generally, endowment insurance needs to be paid for 15 years. Only when you retire can you enjoy the basic pension for life. So if you want to take a pension, you must pay it for 15 years before you retire. If the pension is less than 15 years old by the time of retirement, the state will refund you 8% of the monthly pension accumulated in your own account. And the unit for you to pay 20% of the money will not get.

2. Medical insurance: in addition to reimbursement of medical expenses, you can also withdraw money from the account

As the name suggests, medical insurance is used to reimburse the expenses of hospitalization or medicine. But in some areas, such as Beijing, the money (2% + 3 yuan) paid by one's own account can not only be used for medicine purchase and outpatient service, but also can be freely controlled at a designated bank.

3. Work related injury insurance: reimbursement can be made for accidents on the way to and from work

Can you claim for work injury? Maybe you don't know how to use it. Not only in the workplace, if you have an accident on your way to work, this insurance can also be used. But if you want to make good use of this insurance, you have to provide evidence, evidence! Evidence! But many people fail to save relevant evidence when they have an accident, so they can't enjoy work-related injury insurance. Thanks a lot! I'll give you a quick move:

If you are hit by a car on your way to work, don't be private. Call the police at once, ask the police to investigate, record and take photos to collect evidence. After handling, they will issue a certificate such as an accident identification certificate. With the certificate issued by the police uncle, you can find the company to reimburse for work-related injury insurance.

In addition, there is a time limit problem in the industrial injury insurance. If you have an industrial injury on August 17, 2015, don't waste it. Immediately tell the employer that if you don't report it after one month, even if you have complete evidence, I'm afraid you can't report it.

4. Birth insurance: not only girls can have it, but boys can match it better

In fact, birth insurance is not only available for girls, but also for boys. First, how to use birth insurance for girls:

If you are pregnant and give birth to a child during the working period, after you are discharged from the hospital, you should deliver the relevant documents to the company as soon as possible, such as marriage certificate (unmarried children cannot be reimbursed) + birth permit (non single only child cannot be reimbursed) + relevant examination medical record + all invoices for hospitalization and operation expenses, etc. Usually the company will reimburse you within the scope of medical insurance.

Then let's talk about boys. Don't always think it's worthless for a man to pay maternity insurance every month. To be honest, if your wife doesn't have a job or her company doesn't pay maternity insurance, you can also reimburse the maternity expenses if you pay maternity insurance for 9 months before her delivery.

Warm tip: with regard to maternity insurance and maternity allowance, different local policies are different. Please consult the labor and social security department for details.