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Why do so many people like Quan Zhilong? What kind of person is Quan Zhilong

The popularity of BigBang, a popular Orchestra, is a legend in South Korea. As the leader and soul of the orchestra, Quan Zhilong always emphasizes that he is a rapper. Currently in military service, Quan Zhilong is one of the hottest stars in South Korea. Not only fans all over the world, but also many famous artists. Handsome modeling, personal dress and singing songs are favored by many fans.

likes his fans for ten years. His comments are as follows:

When you smile, you will see the scarlet gum with big white teeth. When you are shy, you will cover your face with a little habit. There is no laughing point, a single eyelid, stars in your eyes, a tear nevus in the left corner of your eye, small milk sound, perfect side face, changeable, with many rings. You can digest all kinds of airports. The figure with wide shoulders and narrow waist looks good on anything, because it can also wear women's clothes when it is thin. Trend vane, topic maker, mom's beef soup, getting up in the middle of the night and drinking water, fingernail biting, children's love, mild cleanliness, but they don't mind what they like, too many people like and follow, world-class rapper fashion icon Filial piety to parents, the dream is to be someone else's dream. Heipaogen is kind, unprepared, easygoing, responsible and responsible. He doesn't like to show his true self on the stage, but he has always been the most real himself. Dare to try and express different views, constantly pursue novelty, and stick to the original intention of music and dreams, never show their sadness and vulnerability in front of others, have been suffering silently and alone, humble and polite to all people, but the lyrics are uninhibited, it is clear that you can rely on your face but not your strength, it is clear that you can rely on your popularity but not your efforts, dream and love A man who makes a lot of people's 3-minute heat disappear without a trace, the Quan Zhilong who deserves more people's expectation and company. Xiaobian didn't like this combination before, but among the five, he was disgusted with Quan Zhilong, and knew little about Korean current. I used to have a very solid and narrow impression of this combination: low beauty, smart, nightclub style, cool and crazy. I knew that Quan Zhilong was due to Du Haitao's incident. At that time, I was still a great black. Baidu took a picture of Quan Zhilong and thought it was normal.

I changed my impression because I listened to their songs once in a while. I didn't think it was my own dish, but I felt very refreshing and refreshed. When I got up early, I felt refreshed after listening to them several times. Then I accidentally saw their spoof "pattern man" on the Internet. Quan Zhilong stunned me. Although his facial features were not exquisite, his temperament was gentle and fresh, and his voice was pleasant when he spoke. He thought they had a sense of variety. So he began to tutor BigBang's variety show. Quan Zhilong was really cute with a smile. He looked like a pure young man, and he was an explosive maniac. I was moved by the flustered and shy manner of several people when they were asked questions.

I can't stop, continue to tutor live and the practice room. My cerebellum is underdeveloped but I like to watch dance very much. The dance level of BigBang is not stable, but the steps are all handsome.

in the final analysis, the basic reason why I like them is because of the contrast and strength of these five people. In particular, Quan Zhilong felt embarrassed later when he wrote the middle two lyrics. He would cry when watching Korean dramas. Obviously, he has strong leadership, but he looks like a busy man. The angle of selfie is hideously ugly. He seems to be free with sex, but actually bears responsibility and pressure.

In a word, I'm glad that so many coincidences prompted me to understand this combination. Some people, the more they know, the more they like it. Bigbang, of course, is this group. The reason why Quan Zhilong is so popular is not only because of his music, but also because of his personality and unique fashion concept. Everyone's admiration and praise for him is enough to see how attractive his personal charm is. To be exact, Quan Zhilong also relies on his talent to create value for himself!

Nowadays, Quan Zhilong has been called the "fashion maker" and "topic maker" by Korean media.

It is expected that Quan Zhilong will return to the music world after his military service and create more music of GD's own style to give back to all his fans.