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How to release the pressure in life? How to reduce mental pressure?

bad things happen all the time in life. Recently, I am deeply involved in helping the elderly to ask for money. Some things are not as simple as we think. Even when organizations come out, they often float on the surface and even solve problems by legal means. So how to reduce the mental pressure and fight a long-term war in the face of intractable and difficult things?

There is a clear division between public and private affairs, so we need to open up some problems. It's a public welfare thing to ask for money for the old people in the community. Just do it as much as you can. Whether you can do it well depends on the cooperation and support of relevant departments. There's no need to disturb your life rules and emotions for the public affairs.

We should slow down the hard work and deal with other things first. Perhaps when time is ripe, the problem can be solved without the power of blowing dust. Some things can't be solved for a while, but they can be solved when the conditions are met. Stress can be released by diverting attention.

Be patient with people who cheat and solve problems by cajoling. Some people hold the money in their hands, but if they don't give it to you, you can't help him. So it's no use forcing people who don't trust. They will break their promise again and again. Don't care about the words and deeds of small people, and treat everything peacefully, which can reduce the pressure.

Problems that can't be solved by themselves are left to the organization. In this way, both the top and the bottom have a family account. Generally speaking, there are community organizations in every community, and the conflicts in the community can not be handled. Community leaders can be invited to mediate. By giving the problem to the organization, we can get rid of the predicament and relieve the mental pressure.

Don't attack in front of others when you are in a bad mood, so as to avoid escalation of contradictions. You can build a group of people, you can scold whoever you want. There's nothing left after the scolding. This method can be used to vent the great pressure inside.

To treat problems rationally, some problems can not be solved in a short time, but need to be fought for a long time. With long-term ideological preparation, we will not be eager for success. There are some things that you can't do. You might as well get out and deal with them for people with stronger abilities. Maybe the effect is better. Sometimes the mood depends on what you think of the problem. Taking it easy can reduce stress.