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Details of loan renewal preparation materials for 2018 student source local student loan in the summer vacation of 2018, many college students are playing around, but many students with poor financial conditions are already preparing to continue to apply for student loans. So, what materials do you need to apply for student loan renewal?

According to the current regulations on student loans, when you renew student loans, you don't need to prepare many complicated materials, just four materials, which are:

1. The ID card of the student and the handler (the handler is one of the loan students or joint borrowers);

2. The original application form filled out online and printed out (with the signature of the student);

3. Some regions require to bring a list of tuition fees and accommodation fees that should be paid in the next year issued by colleges and universities;

4. School certificate, student card of the school, etc.

Because the regulations of each region may be different, it is better to take the initiative to consult the local education department. In addition, the editor should remind you of some details.

Details of loan renewal:

1. The application form must be signed by the loan student himself, and no one else can sign it on behalf of him;

2. The student and the co borrower can apply for the renewal of student loan.

3. If the joint borrower has changed, the loan student and the new joint borrower need to go to the site together to sign the contract, and can not sign on behalf of each other.

Generally speaking, there are not many materials needed to apply for the renewal of student source student loan, which is simpler than the first time.