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What are the tourism routes of Beidaihe Qinhuangdao

Four seas network: Beidaihe is close to Beijing, with superior geographical location. It is also a coastal city. Every summer, many tourists will come here to relax and spend the summer. They will contact with the sea and people, and feel different sea winds. This is the place that many inland tourists yearn for. But Beidaihe has a folk saying that "nine months for sharpening knives and three months for killing people".

Summer vacation is also the hottest three dog days, there will be a large number of tourists to summer. It's easy to earn money if you have too many people, and tourists will inevitably be cheated. Therefore, you should avoid being slaughtered when you come here to play. First, try to avoid peak travel, such as Saturday and Sunday. Because there are many people, businesses can choose to receive customers, and the price will rise accordingly, so it's better to choose non weekend travel, which can prevent being killed.

Secondly, it's the traffic problem. When you come to Beidaihe, if you want to travel, many people choose to take a taxi. The taxis here often don't type their watches. First, you can ask for a taxi to type a watch. The taxi that doesn't type a watch should try not to. Today's didi taxi is relatively regular and very convenient. You can choose this kind of car. Thirdly, food should be taken into consideration when traveling here. There are a lot of big and small restaurants around Beidaihe. In peak season, the price of seafood is very normal. It should be noted that the price should be confirmed in advance to avoid differences when checking out.

Besides, when we come to the seaside, we all want to buy some seafood to go home and give it to our relatives and friends. Shitang Road market is the busiest, but it is also the easiest to get trapped. We must be careful not to be left behind. In addition, the best way to buy seafood is to stay away from the scenic area. You can go to Qinhuangdao city to buy seafood. Of course, if you are fooled to go fishing, you should think twice. First, the safety cannot be guaranteed. Second, it may not be the seafood you have personally brought back. So it's better for strangers to choose to refuse. The above are several aspects to avoid being slaughtered. In fact, we need to pay attention to the fact that we can reduce the probability of being slaughtered by paying more attention to everything.