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Brief introduction of Yanxi strategy update time which is better to see starred by Qin LAN, Nie yuan and Zhang jianni, led by Wu Jinyan, she Shiman, Xu Kai, Tan Zhuo, Wang Yuanke, Wang Guanyi, Hong Yao, Wang Maolei and Lian Lian. The TV series "Yanxi strategy" starred by Su Qing, song Chunli and other friends is in the exclusive hit of iqiyi.

"Yanxi strategy" tells the story of Yingluo, a palace maid, who, with courage, smart and flexible mind, broad and broad mind, has solved many difficulties in the court, and finally became the imperial concubine who helped Qianlong in the prosperous era.

Renewal time of new year's strategy: two episodes are updated every week from 4 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, and VIP members are the first to watch 8 episodes.

Since the start of the play, with the simple and gloomy style of the play and the exquisite acting skills of the actors, there has been an upsurge of pursuing the play among the netizens. Among them, the 'Black Lotus' set up by the heroine Wei Yingluo is just like a stream among the numerous' silly, white and sweet' heroines, which has aroused heated discussion among the netizens.

Update time of plot introduction of Yanxi strategy

Different from the "silly white sweet" image of the traditional film and television drama heroine, Wei Yingluo, played by Wu Jinyan in the play, has a revenge and is never easy to provoke.

Synopsis: in the sixth year of Qianlong's reign, Wei Yingluo, a young girl, went to the Forbidden City to seek the truth about the death of her elder sister. After investigation, Yingluo confirmed that her sister's death was related to the absurd Prince HongRi, and she was determined to recover justice. Empress Fucha was adept at etiquette, worried that Yingluo would go astray, and tried to give her warmth and help. Under the Queen's careful instruction, Wei Yingluo grew up to be a upright and strong court official step by step, and put down her hatred and live a serious life.

Unfortunately, the empress died, which made Yingluo misunderstand Qianlong a lot. They were hostile to each other and finally understood and supported each other. Yingluo resolved the difficulties of the court with courage, agility and broad mind, and finally became the imperial concubine who helped Qianlong in the prosperous era.

It was not until Yingluo died that she informed Qianlong of the final entrustment of empress Fucha. She hoped that she would accompany Hongli and help him to be a wise emperor. At last, Qianlong knew Fucha's hard work. In the 60th year of Qianlong, Emperor Qianlong proclaimed Yongyan, Prince Jia, the son of weiyingluo, as the crown prince. At the same time, Yingluo pursued the birth mother of the crown prince to make yihuangguifei the empress of Xiaoyi. Finally, with her life, Yingluo realized her commitment to the empress of Fucha.

So it's also palace opera. Which is better to compare Yanxi's strategy with Ruyi's biography?

The biography of Ruyi tells the story of the marriage between ulanala and Hongli, Emperor Aixinjueluo of Qianlong.

Comparison between Yanxi strategy and Ruyi biography

He has always been good at catching up with hot spots. His first hot play is "the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty". The characters in the play are designed to talk with the royal doctor and the bodyguard, and the arrangement is the same as that of "the desire for evil". Startling by each step, the TV drama as like as two peas in the same way, made the same story, but the story was weak because of the rush.

The heroine of Yanxi strategy is the villain concubine in Ruyi, while the heroine of Ruyi is the villain concubine Xian in Yanxi strategy and the second queen, ulanala middot. Therefore, the characters in the two stories are almost the opposite. From the selection of the protagonist, it can be seen from mom's small mind.

In the biography of Ruyi, ulanala middot, Ruyi's small name is Qingying, and in the Yanxi strategy, Lingfei's name is Yingluo. The funny thing is that the two TV dramas, empress Fucha, are all true love. After the heroine died, the emperor understood the importance of the heroine to himself.

As for who looks good, the audience has the final say.