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How can boys make themselves more attractive?

do many boys in high school feel strange? Why do they think they are good, but they are not girls? Is it a girl's problem? In fact, it doesn't have to be. It may be you who are the problem.. How can I make myself more attractive to girls? Then I'll talk about it from the perspective of girls.

Girls don't like bad tempered boys very much. Do you often lose your temper? If so, you have to change it. You often expose your bad aspects to girls, which will make girls afraid of you. Girls will think that you are not easy to provoke and have a bad temper. They dare not talk to you more, for fear that you will get angry if you are not careful..

Girls really hate boys who are fussy and careful. Boys, see if they are very stingy, is not very mother-in-law? Because in the eyes of most girls, boys should be that kind of very straightforward, very generous look yo.. If you don't even want to lend someone something, the girls will automatically alienate you..

Boys must be clean, so check whether they are sloppy or smelly? Don't say that because you are a boy, you have to be informal. You should be more serious in personal hygiene. Isn't that how it's written in romance novels? There will be a good smell on the clothes of handsome men, right? Do you think that girl is always "edified" when she is willing to talk with you? Don't love clean boys and girls are to avoid yo..

Humor is also very important for boys. You also hope that the girl who is very talkative will be very happy, right? Then you need to learn the art of humor.. When talking with girls, do you want to have a little humor? Girls will become very fond of chatting with you..

Girls also like boys with strong athletic ability. They play basketball or something. They are very eye-catching on the court.. If you are very good at sports, you will hear the girls on the edge of the court screaming excitedly, 'so and so are so and so handsome ~ ~', isn't there any boy who doesn't like it? Ha ha, naturally, girls will think you are the most beautiful man..

As a big boy, you can't be lazy. For example, when cleaning the class, you can't say 'this is not my place, I just don't sweep' so, girls will quite dislike you.. Girls like responsible men, don't they? The boys who take the responsibility are very tall in the eyes of girls..

Finally, don't be angry with girls. Girls need to be protected. If you accidentally make girls angry, even if it's not your fault, you should apologize. Boys should be broad-minded. Don't be angry with girls, or you will find that many girls will point at you and think you are naive.. On the contrary, if you apologize first, maybe the girls will be embarrassed, and then reflect on themselves, other girls may also be impressed with you.