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Can I extend the time of 2018 driving test after it expires

Can the test time of 2018 driver's license be extended for modern people, driving is a necessary skill. Everyone who takes the driving test knows that there is a time limit for the driving test, and the time limit for the driving test is three years. What should we do if the driving test expires? Can I postpone the driving test after it expires? Let's have a look.

No extension of time is allowed.

If the driver fails to pass all the driving license examinations within the validity period of the registration certificate, the passed scores shall be invalidated and the examination must be started from the beginning. You cannot apply for an extension of the validity period of the certificate.

According to the provisions on the application and use of motor vehicle driving license, Article 32

In the case of initial application for a motor vehicle driving license or application for the addition of a permitted driving model, the vehicle management office shall, within one day after passing the examination in subject 1, issue a certificate of driving skills.

The validity period of the driving skills examination certificate is three years. The applicant shall complete the examination of subjects 2 and 3 within the validity period. If the examination is not completed within the validity period, the results of the subjects that have passed the examination shall be invalidated.

Contents of application for driving license examination

Test subjects include traffic laws and related knowledge, driving on site, road driving (including safe and civilized driving).

The test subjects are in the order of traffic regulations and related knowledge (subject 1 [theory]), driving on site (subject 2 [nine]), road driving (subject 3 [road test and safe and civilized driving]). In the course of the examination, if the previous subject fails, the following subjects will not be carried out any more. Each subject has two chances to pass the examination, and both of them fail. This examination will be terminated. During the period of validity of the study driving license, you can pay the supplementary examination fee, and carry out the supplementary examination after studying. For the introduction of make-up examination fees, due to different situations in different places, the fees paid for make-up examination are different.

After taking the exam of subject 1, you should pass the exam of subject 2 and subject 3 within three years. If you can't pass the exam, the content of the exam will be invalid and you should sign up for the exam of subject 1 again. After the new examination rules, subjects 2 and 3 are all 5 opportunities. If you fail to pass the examination within 5 opportunities, take subject 1 examination again.

Passing standard of driver's license examination

1. Traffic regulations and related knowledge (subject 1) - written test, 100 points for full score, 90 points for qualified (including 90 points).

2. Driving on site (subject 2) - on site, real vehicle. Only qualified and unqualified. Implement 9 compulsory examinations (all without pole), including reverse storage, narrow road turning, side parking, ramp fixed-point parking and starting, right angle turning, curve driving, emergency braking, tunnel, toll station pick-up. Only when all nine required items have been passed can the second subject examination be passed. (new subject 2 projects in Shanghai, some places may still implement the old five projects)

3. Road driving (subject 3) - road or simulation site, real vehicle. Electronic eye monitoring + traffic police examination will be implemented in all the examinations, and the road examination will be more fair. Since January 1, 2013, since the implementation of the new traffic regulations, the test has increased the use of light test, left and right turns and passing crosswalks and other items. After the road test, the theoretical test of safe and civilized driving knowledge has been added. The difference between the test and the subject is the addition of image analysis and judgment. There are 50 questions in the exam, 2 points for each question. Full Score: 100, 90 and above.

Therefore, the driver's license test can't be extended if it expires. The previous test results will be cancelled, and then the driver's license test will be re registered. This needs to be clear to the person who is taking the driving license, so as not to delay the best test time. If you have any other questions after reading, please consult a professional lawyer.