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What's the significance of Jingdong map's public debut? when it comes to Jingdong, what do you think? Electric appliances? Express delivery? However, Jingdong map made its first public appearance today. Jingdong said that it will focus on robot map and intelligent driving data application.

Jingdong said that Jingdong map mainly provides navigation ability for all kinds of robots to realize automatic driving function. It has a full process production system from data collection, processing, release and application. The production process is highly automated, covering social roads, park roads, indoor and many other scenes.

Jingdong map shows that in the acquisition process, with the help of multi carrier 3D laser mobile measurement system independently developed by Jingdong, high-precision map data acquisition can be carried out in different scenes to realize the automatic recognition of road reality, obstacles, surrounding environment and other features; With the help of AI and big data technology, the mapping scheme of Jingdong map realizes the efficient identification of map elements, gets rid of the traditional manual operation mode in the current industry, and ensures the efficiency and accuracy of data collection.

According to Jingdong map, in the whole process of map data production, Jingdong map is triggered by tasks. Once the task is started, it can ensure the automatic production of the whole process of Jingdong map through intelligent real scene shooting software and perfect visual verification tools; Jingdong map has also established a big data platform that can accommodate a large amount of space. Its simulation platform can carry out three-dimensional visual processing of intelligent perception and decision-making state of robot or intelligent driving vehicle under simulated driving, and ensure safety through multiple tests before operation on the road.

Cai Jinhua, head of Jingdong map of Jingdong x business unit, said that after the demand for human map was fully met, robot oriented map service became the largest market demand. 'in the future, the demand for centimeter level high-precision map will become a trend. Relying on the ubiquitous map collection, map building and computing capabilities, JD map will realize map updating by day, hour or even minute level, and provide intelligent map products with both richness and differentiation for different objects and scenes. '

Jingdong map said that it has formally submitted a class a navigation electronic map production qualification application to the national mapping management department. Next, it will open the products, technologies, data, scenarios and capabilities of high-precision maps to more developers and partners, promote the integration and sharing of end, road and cloud map data resources, and help intelligent robots and automatic driving technology More widely used.