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How about Xiaomi's full flow card? What to do with old users Xiaomi officially released the new Xiaomi max 3 last night, together with a "eat full Xiaomi super flow card", which costs 9 yuan a month and only needs 1 yuan a day to enjoy nationwide unlimited flow. If no flow is generated on that day, no deduction will be made.

Xiaomi pushes to full flow card

However, it should be noted that, like any infinite traffic card, it also has restrictions: after the current month's traffic exceeds 20GB, the speed limit will reach 1Mbps, and if it exceeds 100GB, the network will be disconnected and the next month will be restored.

In other aspects, the national voice is 0.1 yuan / minute, free to answer, domestic short MMS is 0.1 yuan / piece, and you can choose to open the call display, 5 yuan / month.

The card will be sold through Xiaomi mall and Xiaomi home at 10 a.m. on July 27.

At present, Xiaomi has two kinds of rice flour cards: one is a daily rent card with a monthly fee of 5 yuan, and one is 800MB of national traffic per day; the other is an unlimited daily rent card with a monthly fee of 5 yuan and three yuan per day.

How about Xiaomi's full flow card? Netizens commented that this is not a pit? In fact, it's a 20GB flow card with a monthly rent of 39. If one yuan per day is 1GB, and the monthly flow is 30GB, you can still buy it for use! The speed limit is 1Mbps, which is 128K Dial up Internet, the download speed is 16K / S! By default, there is no call display? Shit! This card is not as good as the rent card of 1 yuan per day. After 20g, the speed limit is 1Mbps, which is no different from the disconnection. The rent card of 35 yuan per day has 24g!

The above is Xiaomi's full flow card. There is no limit to the amount of 1 yuan per day in China. Xiaomi's full flow card is good. Do you think it's cost-effective for this unlimited flow card?