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The introduction of dietotherapy of fatty liver

Nowadays, the social work pressure is great and the life rhythm is fast. In addition to working overtime and staying up late and not exercising, obesity has become a common phenomenon. Once a person is fat, fatty liver is easy to find.

Fatty liver means that the content of fat in liver cells is more than 5% of the weight of liver due to the disorder of lipid metabolism in human body. Fatty liver is not only related to some diseases such as endocrine disorders, diabetes and hyperthyroidism, long-term anemia, but also closely related to human diet and nutrition.

For obese and overweight patients, we should start with diet to lose weight. For example, if a male with height of 174CM and weight of 92kg loses 25kg in 5 months, fatty liver will disappear. The patients with chronic hepatitis directly take in normal amount of protein, sugar and fat, and the fat should be mainly vegetable oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Fatty liver patients need a high protein diet, appropriate amount of fat and sugar. If they eat non fat food, fatty acids can be synthesized from some precursors of sugar and amino acids. The following recommendations for the treatment of fatty liver diet, simple and appropriate to do, in addition, in the diet also adhere to appropriate exercise.

1、 Food therapy of fatty liver

[method]: 20 ml of Shouwu liquid (6 g of Shouwu, 20 ml of boiled water), 250 g of fresh pig liver, 25 g of watercress fungus, a little green vegetable leaves, appropriate amount of vinegar, salt and soy sauce, fried with oil.

[function]: this prescription can nourish the liver and kidney, benefit the blood essence, and has the functions of eyesight, blood lipid reduction, blood pressure reduction and atherosclerosis prevention. It mainly treats hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, coronary heart disease, hypertension, neurasthenia and constipation due to physical deficiency in the elderly.

2、 Diet therapy of fatty liver

[method]: 200g pig hind legs, 100g Hawthorn slices, 30g water chestnut, 2 egg whites, 15g starch, 15g flour, 30g sugar, 50g vegetable oil, a little salt and monosodium glutamate, a proper amount of clear soup, fried with oil.

[function]: it can nourish yin, strengthen spleen, appetizer and eliminate food, reduce cholesterol and hypertension, diuresis, sedation, etc., and can be used in patients with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, dyspepsia, fatty liver, etc.

3、 Treatment of fatty liver 3 fried mushroom with celery

[method]: Celery 400g, mushroom 50g, salt, vinegar, dry powder, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and other seasonings.

[function]: the formula can calm the liver, clear away heat, replenish qi and blood, reduce blood pressure, remove fat, protect blood vessels, diuresis, etc., and can treat headache and vertigo caused by fatty liver and hyperactivity of liver yang.

Function: this prescription has the functions of Invigorating Qi and benefiting stomach, resolving phlegm and regulating qi, reducing blood pressure, anticancer, lowering blood sugar, reducing blood fat and improving immune function, and is applicable to viral hepatitis, fatty liver, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

4、 The treatment of fatty liver

[method]: Celery 200-400g, jujube 50-100g, soup in batches, or celery 100-150g alone, wash and mash, take juice, add honey to stew, take it warm, once a day, unlimited treatment.

[function]: it can clear away heat and detoxify, invigorate spleen and blood, nourish liver. It can promote diuresis, invigorate stomach, calm down, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and increase serum total protein and albumin. It is used in patients with fatty liver and viral hepatitis.

5、 Food therapy of fatty liver

[method]: soybeans 60g, dried cabbage 45g, fried.

[function]: the saponins in soybeans can combine with human body fat. The phospholipid can remove the cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall and prevent the accumulation of excessive fat in the liver. Cabbage has the functions of clearing heat, diuresis, detumescence, detoxification and defecation. It is suitable for fatty liver, hepatitis and diabetes.