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What's the best gift for a boyfriend on the seventh day of 2017

The Chinese Valentine's day in 2017 is coming soon. Many men and women in love will try their best to give each other a different surprise. Many girls will want to give their other half a thoughtful gift when they are waiting to receive the gift. What kind of gift should we give to the man on the Chinese Valentine's day? Let's have a look!

1. Customized photo lighter: if your boyfriend smokes, it will be a great surprise to give him this gift. Print the photo or text on the lighter to make him surprised and happy, and think of you when smoking.

2. Customized leather goods: items such as wallet and belt are also necessary and commonly used for men. You can customize a wallet and belt and engrave the blessing on your boyfriend, which is also a big surprise.

3. Customized crystal: men all like cars. It must be a surprise to give him a powerful sports car model on the Chinese Valentine's day. The base can also be customized with blessings. If the boyfriend likes sports and can customize basketball or football crystal for him, he will be surprised.

4. Creative gifts: many men will be interested in more creative gifts. You can bring a different feeling to him on Chinese Valentine's day. The sound of Allah's lamp, Magic Book lamp and weather forecast bottle are all very good.

5. Real Clay Doll: it must be a surprise to give a cute doll on the Chinese Valentine's day. It can be customized only by providing photos. As a souvenir, it's also a rare gift.