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How to solve the problem

Four seas net: throat card fishbone, many people will encounter this situation when eating fish, very painful, so how to solve throat card fishbone?

A little trick of sticking fishbone in throat

When eating fish, many people will accidentally stick the fishbone in their throat, causing unnecessary troubles to people. If it is a small fishbone, it will go down without seeking medical treatment, but if it is a large fishbone, it will cause throat inflammation. So, what about the sting stuck in the throat? Next, we will summarize some first-aid measures for the sting stuck in the throat.

First of all, if it is a small fish bone stuck in the throat, you can drink some vinegar, or take a black plum (to remove the core) and some sugar in the mouth, which can soften the fish bone, and then eat bread, bread, etc., which can make the fish bone swallow with the food.

Secondly, if you don't know the size of the fishbone, you can use a flashlight to shine on your throat. If the fishbone is not very big or deep, let the family pinch it out with long tweezers. If the fishbone is very big and deep, do not rescue blindly. You should go to the otolaryngology hospital in time.

Fish bones stuck in the throat, many people will take unscientific methods to save themselves, such as swallowing large pieces of bread, pancakes and other food. Sometimes this method will swallow the fish bone smoothly, but sometimes it will make the fish bone deeper, more difficult to remove, and even cause inflammation.

Folk common sense of fishbone stuck in throat

1. The fishbone is stuck in the throat. You can find the orange peel, which contains some small pieces, and then swallow it slowly. It can soften the fishbone and swallow it.

2. Fishbone stuck in the throat, you can find vitamin C1 to take, you can soften fishbone, eliminate by yourself.

3. The fishbone is stuck in the throat. If you can't drink vinegar effectively, you can try drinking well water to eliminate the fishbone.

I believe you have mastered the method of sticking a fishbone in your throat. If you have stuck other foreign bodies, you can try to spit them out first. If you can't spit them out, lower your head and bend down. Ask others to help you pat the middle of your back and two shoulder blades 4 times. If the foreign bodies still don't come out, repeat the above actions.