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Why does panic teach you how to eliminate it

The way to eliminate the excessive panic

Spiritual Sublimation:

This is an action that transforms negative emotions into actions with self-worth, actively invests in learning, work and life, studies hard and works hard, that is, the action that produces biochemical grief as strength and anger as power.

Consciousness control method:

That is, to resist the negative emotions with their own moral cultivation and will. For example, in the face of misfortune, we should not escape, complain and exercise tolerance. We should build up confidence to face the reality and let it be natural. We should firmly believe that the future is bright.

Metaphorical method:

That is to use reason to overcome emotional distress. When evaluating ourselves, we should not only see our advantages, but also our shortcomings; we should not set too high expectations, but also face up to the reality. The distance between the ideal and the reality should not be too large. If you adjust your goals, you can get out of the dilemma.

Cognitive change:

Change the wrong cognitive approach, don't look at the problem too complex, too pessimistic. When encountering difficulties and setbacks, we should learn to look at problems by dichotomy or transposition, and also learn to look at problems from top to bottom, left to right, so as to reduce our stubborn thinking. In addition, we should strengthen our self-cultivation, cultivate a wide range of interests and hobbies, learn from others how to deal with various stress events, overcome the suggestiveness of ourselves or the infectivity of others, and enhance our ability to deal with difficulties and setbacks.

Release method:

Speak out the injustice, grievance and indignation frankly, so as to seek the comfort and help of relatives and friends, which can alleviate the unhappiness and even dispel the fog. In addition, in front of people who can understand and understand themselves, they can cry or shout a lot, pouring out their sadness and anger. In short, don't hold bad emotions in your heart.

Mental transfer method:

Negative emotions can form a strong excitatory focus in the human brain. At this time, another excitatory focus can be established in the cerebral cortex with new stimulation to weaken or inhibit the original excitatory focus. For example, when you are in a bad mood, do some physical exercises, listen to some happy music, release the tension, and make your body and mind comfortable and refreshed.

These things make you blue

1. Dream impossible

The most pitiful are those who are accustomed to unrealistic hopes. If you want to be really discouraged, set your goals high and out of reach!

2. Focus on the negative

Keep in mind how many times you have been unfairly treated or how many times someone has been unkind to you. As long as you focus on the bad and the bad, you will use this negative thinking method to make trouble for yourself.

3. The golden law of fools

Look at everyone else for nothing. The key to the application of this law is to dislike yourself first. Once you devalue your value, you will feel that other people are just as shallow, so you will despise them and become alienated.

4. To be a martyr

Mothers take on too much housework and say to themselves: 'no one really loves me. For our family, I'm just a servant. 'fathers can do the same thing:' my skeleton is tired and loose. No one takes me seriously. Everyone is using me. 'if you think like this often, it will definitely make you upset abnormally, and make people around you feel disgusted, and make you feel worse.

5. Create barriers

Never praise others, do not use any words of encouragement; secondly, criticize, criticize, complain and make a fuss. This is a wonderful way to create estrangement and trouble.

6. 'I knew it would be like this' syndrome

If you expect something bad to happen, they will mostly come true.

7. Take others' problems to yourself

If you blame yourself for other people's problems, and blame yourself for someone's dislike of you, you'll soon be depressed.

8. Snowballing to expand the situation

When a problem first appears, face it squarely, and it will easily disappear. On the contrary, if we let the problem continue to expand like a snowball, the snowball players always follow a simple rule: 'if we miss the time to solve the problem, we simply delay. 'in this way, it will only make the problem worse, which will surely lead to your anger and distress buried in your heart for months or even years.