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How to sleep fast

Office workers or brain workers spend a lot of energy and brain power during the day. At night, the brain is still running at a high speed, so it's hard to enter into dreams, and it's also painful to be unable to fall asleep. How can you fall asleep quickly? Maybe you can try these small methods!

Tips for fast sleep

First of all, we should try our best to make the room dark, that is, turn off the light. If you live with someone else and the person needs to work under the light, you'd better prepare an eye mask, which is sold in the supermarket. If you can't, you can make one yourself.

Second, we should make sure that the room is as quiet as possible. If there are TVs, computers and speakers, we should close them as much as possible. Don't sleep with headphones, which will make you more and more excited. If we live with people like the above, and they are chatting or doing other noisy things, we might as well prepare a pair of silencing earplugs, which can be seen everywhere, and are sold in ordinary small shops.

Third, after doing the above two points, if you still can't sleep, I suggest you give yourself a relaxing signal from your heart as much as possible. Don't think about anything else, just think that I'm going to sleep now, I'm going to sleep now, or recite the Arabic numerals of 1-10 back and forth, instead of counting to hundreds, so that ordinary people need to use their brains to think about what the next number is, which will make them It's harder to sleep on your own.