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Park Geun hye gets another eight years. What's going on? Why eight years

On the afternoon of July 20, local time, South Korea's Seoul Central District Court sentenced Park Geun hye in the first instance in two cases of suspected bribery by the national intelligence academy and violation of the election law, and found Park Geun hye guilty of causing Treasury loss and violating the public election law, and sentenced Park Geun hye to six and two years' imprisonment respectively, reported.

On the day of the trial, the court set up its own camera to broadcast the sentencing process on the grounds of "taking care of the public interest". However, the defendant Park Geun hye did not appear in court.

On April 6, park Geun hye was sentenced to 24 years' imprisonment and a fine of 18 billion won (about 106 million yuan) in the first trial for her "trusted politics" case. On the morning of the 20th, in the final judgment of the second instance of the case, the prosecution demanded that park Geun hye be sentenced to 30 years in prison. The second trial of the case of "trusted cadres" will be pronounced on August 24.

National Intelligence Agency bribery case

According to the prosecution, park Geun hye, during her presidency, directed three former presidents of the Chinese Academy of national conditions to "offer money" for special activities originally under the state budget, which was transferred by Secretary Qingwa Tai, with a total amount of 3.5 billion won (about 20 million yuan). On January 4, the prosecution filed a lawsuit against Park Geun hye on suspicion of violating the provisions of the law on increasing penalties for specific crimes, such as bribery, causing losses to the state treasury, embezzlement of public funds, etc.

Violation of the election act

On the eve of the parliamentary election on April 13, 2016, park Geun hye was suspected of participating in the organization of an illegal public opinion survey to find out who exactly supported Park Geun hye's' Pro Park 'figures. On February 1, park Geun hye was charged by prosecutors for allegedly violating the election law.

According to the prosecution, park Geun hye participated in the organization of as many as 120 public opinion surveys during this period, mainly in the south of Seoul in the south of the Yangtze River and Daegu city. Both sites are seen as conservative 'strongholds'. Park Geun hye's government aims to further consolidate Park Geun hye's power by screening out 'Pro Park' people through public opinion polls and selecting them to be members of Parliament.