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How to make life more emotional? How do you do it?

many people in modern times complain that there seems to be no other pleasure in life except going to work. Is life really like this? Do these steps well so that you don't complain anymore and your life is more vivid.

Photography. There is one thing in modern life that can't be separated from, that is, mobile phone. On the other hand, the mobile phone basically has a function of taking photos. In life, every object, every flower, every kind has a soul and should be respected. So when the moment is taken, the beauty comes naturally. When you look at it again, it's a time and a story.

Keep some pets or plants. Compared with animals, the feelings we humans have to pay are much more complex, so I think plants are the most gratifying. And the color of plants is sometimes more amazing for our visual effect.

Watch a good book or a random movie on the way to work. Whether alone or calling friends, I think our life is really experiencing a plot called "encounter" or "story".

On the way to and from work, relax. How about a hike? You'll find that life is much more than we can see. A piece of fallen leaves or a distance, are carrying too many emotions and thoughts, looking at the world, in fact, it is very beautiful and romantic, with a pair of new eyes to open our new horizons.

Learn to look around. You will find that what exists in the world is lovely and shows you the beauty of the world with all the power. You will find that all the insects with wings will move you and you will call them "elves".

Listen to the music. To make the world smaller and to be recognized as the only language without borders is music. Listening to all kinds of music will bring you all kinds of emotions. It will let you fall into the mood and make you feel extremely happy. It seems that it is the channel to another world.