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How to protect your teeth in life?

teeth play a very important role in the human body. We all know that teeth have the function of chewing. In fact, teeth are also very helpful for our pronunciation. Did you not find that people who are stripped of their teeth can speak better than people who have intact teeth? At the same time, the teeth make the face full and beautiful, and the white teeth are more charming when smiling. Since teeth are so important, how can we protect our teeth?

Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and rinse your mouth after meals. The final thing to protect teeth is to keep the mouth clean. As long as we chew food, there will be residues. If we don't clean it, bacteria will grow. But it's not good for teeth to brush too often. So the best choice is to brush teeth in the morning and evening, and choose to rinse after eating in the East and west at other times.

Remove tartar regularly. Tartar is the accumulation and formation of food residues, saliva, bacteria, etc. tartar not only affects the beauty of teeth, but also easily causes periodontitis and other tooth diseases. Tartar is constantly accumulated. In addition to usual cleaning, tooth cleaning should be carried out once every six months.

The hardness of toothbrush should be appropriate. When choosing a toothbrush, we should choose a toothbrush hardness that is suitable for our teeth. If it is a child or a case of toothache or gum bleeding, we should choose a soft toothbrush. If it is a healthy adult, we should choose a toothbrush with a neutral hardness. If it is too soft, it will not clean the teeth. If it is too hard, it will hurt the teeth.

Don't be hard, treat your teeth well. Many people think their teeth are very good. They use their teeth as bottle openers and biting hard objects, which deeply hurt their teeth. If you've done that, look at your teeth. Are they uneven? Do you have loose teeth? So treat your teeth well.

Do not smoke for a long time. I don't know if you pay attention to the people who like to smoke and if they have yellow teeth, which will not only affect the beauty, but also lead to bad breath, periodontitis and oral diseases. Please give up smoking for your health.

Don't drink strong tea for a long time. It's good to drink tea, and the fluorine and tea polyphenols in tea are good for your teeth. But if you drink strong tea for a long time, it will cause tooth pigment precipitation, that is, tooth yellow and tooth stains. Moreover, strong tea is not good for your kidneys, so you should drink less strong tea.

Use fewer toothpicks. Nowadays, toothpicks are prepared in restaurants. It's also the habit of most people to use toothpicks after meals. It's very difficult to avoid using toothpicks without damaging teeth and gums. If you don't care about your gums, they will bleed and loosen your teeth. Moreover, there are bacteria in toothpicks, which can cause tooth diseases.

Avoid hot and cold. The food that is too cold, too hot, too sour and too sweet is not good for the teeth. The teeth are sensitive to the cold, hot, sour and sweet. Sometimes there may be short-term pain. If the cold, hot, sour and sweet food is used to stimulate the teeth for a long time, the disease is not far away from the teeth.

Garlic, celery and onion are good for your teeth. Garlic has the function of sterilization. It is intended to kill the bacteria on the teeth. Celery is like a natural toothbrush. When eating celery, it will wrap the residue or bacteria in the teeth and clean the teeth. Onion also has the function of sterilization. It can kill the bacteria such as Streptococcus and glucobacterium aureus.