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What brand of lipstick do you use? What's the red number "whirlwind" has been popular recently. Many people like to watch it. Many careful girls also notice that Yang Mi, the actor of whirlwind, has a beautiful lipstick. What's the red number of Yang Mi's mouth? What's the brand of the same lipstick?

What brand is Fuyao yangmi's same lipstick

Estee Lauder for lipstick. Estee Lauder is the flagship cosmetics brand of American Estee Lauder company, famous for anti-aging skin care products. Estee Lauder is the world's leading large-scale manufacturer and distributor. In 1946, Estee Lauder Co was founded in New York, USA. It has Clinique, Clinique Mer, La Mer LAB, Lang Shi SERIES, Prescriptives, Origins (Yuet wood source), cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown, M·, A·, La, male perfume brand, and so on. At the same time, the company is also the top 7 fashion brands in the United States, such as Kors, etc. for the OEM production of perfume.

What's the red number of Fuyao yangmikou

Yang Mi in "whirlwind" a red lip, independent and bright, open field! The same big power red lip, is this new adoring Lip Glaze [303 hot pepper red], pure and bright positive red, rich and warm, fashionable and white, high-grade matte texture, dumb but not dry, lasting and not fade!

The "futile color" is a steady dry rose color. Because of the character of the queen, the most striking exposure is Yang Mi's dry rose color lipstick, collocation with a war coat, and dry rose color of the fog. Don't look too beautiful. Even the ancient costume LOOK has no stiff feeling.

Estee Lauder 303 lipstick color test

This is called hot pepper red. It's very white and bright red, like the color of hot pepper! Thin coating will have a little rose red, thick coating is hot pepper red. The color is very positive, very bright, but it doesn't seem old-fashioned at all. It's very suitable to paint in summer, which shows that the skin color of the whole person is very bright, and looks very energetic and energetic ~ I think it's also very versatile, not to pick the skin! The thin coating and thick coating are good-looking, and the gradual change of biting lips is also 100 points! I still prefer thick coating, Rio is white!!!