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What's the matter with the air conditioner? What should I do if the air conditioner is very dry

Summer is very hot, many people will stay in the air-conditioned room all day, the temperature is down, people are cool. But instead blowing the air conditioner will dry cough, this is how one thing? Come and have a look!

What's the matter with a dry cough

Generally, I have air conditioning disease. The temperature of the air-conditioned room is very low, and it will be very dry. I still need to pay attention to some problems.

1. Drying reasons

The cough may be caused by too dry air in the air conditioning room. The air conditioner will remove some moisture in the air during the refrigeration process, so the air in the air-conditioned room will be dry. In such an environment, the body's resistance will become weak. After a long time, the original wet and healthy throat will become dry, and the throat will become red and swollen. From time to time, there will be coughing, sometimes there will be hoarseness and other symptoms, which is "dry coughing".

2. Air conditioning stimulation

Blowing air conditioning on the cough may also be because the air conditioning room temperature is too low, air-conditioning stimulation caused by the trachea. For a long time in a cold air-conditioned room, the blood vessels of the human body contract. When a person suddenly leaves the air-conditioned room, the blood vessels of the human body expand rapidly. Between the contraction and expansion of the blood vessels, the blood supply capacity of the local capillaries will decrease, the local immunity of the human body will decline, the growth rate of the latent bacteria and viruses in the body will accelerate, resulting in the increase of throat secretions and the stimulation of the trachea to cause coughing. In addition, cold air stimulation of the trachea can also cause the airway smooth muscle to be easily stimulated and contracted, leading to the narrowing of the bronchus and the stimulation of the cough receptor, leading to the onset of symptoms.

What to do if the air conditioner is dry

Generally, it is necessary to add water, drink more water or put some humidifiers or a basin of water in the room.

1. Generally, it is suitable to turn on the air conditioner in summer at 24 ℃ ~ 26 ℃, which can effectively cool down the temperature and keep away from the problem of dry skin.

2. Put basin water in the air conditioning room, and use the evaporation of natural water to improve the indoor humidity. Choose the basin mouth as large as possible, because the larger the surface contacting with air, the better, so as to enhance evaporation.

3. Relevant statistics show that the average daily water consumption of normal people is 2000-2500 ml, while in summer, the water volatilization is large, and the daily water supplement should be about 3000 ml. Especially in the air-conditioning room, the water loss is faster. You can't wait for the mouth to dry before you think of drinking water.

4. The bath time should be controlled reasonably. Too much Bathing will accelerate the loss of water. In summer, the best way is to take a bath for 15 minutes or take a shower for 20 minutes every day.

Precautions for using air conditioner

1. Do not adjust the indoor temperature too low, 26-28 degrees is appropriate, and do not let the air conditioner outlet face the patient.

2. If you are going home from outside, do not enter the air-conditioned room immediately. You should first dry your sweat in a room without air conditioning, drink some warm boiled water, and rest for 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Clean the filter screen of air conditioner regularly. At the same time, the air-conditioned room should mop the floor and clean the table every day to clean the dust as much as possible. In order to prevent the dust from blowing up when the air conditioner is blowing, and the dust will be suspended indoors for a long time, which will stimulate the respiratory tract and induce cough and asthma.

4. The windows should be opened for ventilation in the morning, middle and evening. After turning on the air conditioner, open the window for ventilation every 1-2 hours for 15 minutes.

5. One to two hours after dinner every day is a cool time of the day. At this time, physical exercise can be carried out as much as possible, which is helpful to strengthen the physique and reduce the attack of cough and asthma.