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China Consumer Association calls for Huadi to fulfill its promise

According to the latest report, on July 20, with the World Cup winning in France, vantage's name has also been heard all over the world, because the marketing of "France's winning the world cup and withdrawing the whole product" attracted many people's attention and was recognized as the most successful marketing event in the industry, but it was reflected by many consumers that the refund was not smooth.

It is reported that in the marketing event of "France wins the title and refunds the full amount" of vantage, it was exposed that it is difficult to refund, refunds change to refunds and other issues. Recently, the micro blog of China Consumer Association called on vantage company to say that: the marketing idea is very good to spend the advertising fee on consumers! I hope vantage can fulfill its commitment and do a good job in refunding for every consumer according to the pre-sale agreement and commitment. Integrity is the perfect footnote of any marketing.

China Consumer Association yesterday again issued a document, hoping that consumers who encounter obstacles in the 'champion package' refund will reflect your specific situation according to the website expressly stated in the announcement.