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The top 16 women's singles of 2018 South Korea table tennis championship came out on July 19, the 2018 ITTF South Korea open was officially launched, and the women's singles 1 / 16 final was all over. In the end, 7 of the 10 Chinese players made it to the top 16, and 3 players were eliminated, among which Li Jiayu lost to Chen Meng in the civil war, Chen Xingtong lost 1-4 to Japanese player Hashimoto, Gu Yuting and ITO Meicheng. Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and other main players were all promoted to the top 16, while Japan's two main players, Ishikawa and ITO, were successfully promoted to the top 16, while another major player, Minoru Hirano, was eliminated by Japanese teammate Shida Shaji. In the 1 / 8 final, four Sino Japanese matches became the focus.

Women's singles top half 1 / 8 final match:

Ding Ning vs Chen Meng

In the first round of women's singles, the two main players of national table tennis team didn't meet too big challenge and passed the test easily. Ding Ning defeated 39 year old Portuguese veteran Fu Yu 4-1, Chen Meng swept team mate Li Jiayu 4-0 of Guoping, and the two met in the 1 / 8 final to stage a brutal civil war of Guoping. This is after the Qatar Open at the beginning of the year, the two players met again in the open, after the Qatar Open women's singles round 2, Chen Meng 4-1 Li kedingning promotion. It's still unknown who will win this meeting again.

Tian Zhixi vs Zheng Yijing

The two players eliminated the Japanese players by the same score in the first round. Tian Zhixi beat Ando meineimei 4-1 and Zheng Yijing 4-1 out Nagasaki Meiyou. The winner between Tian Zhixi and Zheng Yijing will play Ding Ning or Chen Meng in the 1 \ \ 4 finals.

Liu Shiwen vs bridge Ben and fan Naixiang

Liu Shiwen eliminated Dutch 34 year old Li Jie 4-0 in the first round, while Japanese player Naixiang Hashimoto beat Guoping player Chen Xingtong. In the game lost to Hashimoto, Chen Xingtong was passive in the whole game, once again exposed the short board that could not cut the ball, in addition, it was difficult to satisfy people to play at the critical moment, and finally lost 1-4 to Hashimoto, becoming the first eliminated seed player of national table tennis.

Wang Manyu vs Cui Xiaozhu

Wang Manyu beat Wu Yinglan from Hong Kong in 4-1, while Cui Xiaozhu eliminated Sato Tong from Japan in 4-1.

Women's singles lower half 1 / 8 final match:

Sun yingsha vs Shichuan Jiachun

Sun yingsha easily eliminated the famous North Korean general and the third place of Rio Olympic Games in the first round of 4-1, while Shichuan Jiachun swept over South Korean player Li Najing 4-0. Sun yingsha's condition is relatively low in recent period, but after defeating Jin and Song Yi, sun yingsha said that she is in good physical condition. It's not a small test for her to face the Japanese first sister, Yasukuni Ishikawa.

Itomo Meicheng vs Hu Limei

In the first round, Guoping player Hu Limei swept Du Kaili 4-0 and itomo Meicheng 4-1 eliminated Gu Yuting. Hu Li Mei, who broke through the qualification competition, swept in the first round and showed a good personal condition. However, in the face of ITO Meicheng, who just won the women's singles championship in the Japanese open and beat Gu Yuting in the first round, Hu Li Mei faced great difficulties.

Zhu Yuling vs Kato Meiyou

Zhu Yuling won the promotion of Hong Kong's Li Qingyun 4-0, while Kato Meiyou eliminated Singapore's famous player Feng Tianwei 4-2 in the six innings.

Xu Xiaoyuan vs Zhitian Shaji

In a Japanese civil war, Meiyu Hirano was eliminated by 2-4 defeat to shatie, and in the fifth inning, he was also brutalized by shatie 11-1. South Korean beauty player Xu Xiaoyuan beat North Korean Kim Xuesong 4-2.