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Is it better to choose public or private kindergartens it really depends on the place whether the kindergarten is public or private. In some places, public kindergartens are good, and ordinary people can't get in; but in some places, public kindergartens are not good, and ordinary people are not willing to send their children. However, there is a big difference between them.

First, teachers in public kindergartens are more stable than those in private kindergartens.

Teachers in public kindergartens are all admitted through examinations. They have educational background and are well-organized. Generally, they will not resign easily, and their children will not always change their teachers. Private kindergartens are different. Teachers are too mobile and often change once a semester, which has little impact on older children. But for children, it is easy to lead to emotional instability.

Secondly, private kindergartens teach much more than public kindergartens.

This is also why many parents do not choose public kindergartens. Indeed, public kindergartens strictly follow the syllabus to bring their children. During the kindergarten period, they don't teach much to their children. However, children who don't know anything suddenly go to primary school and find that other children around them can easily feel frustrated in their studies, so they are tired of learning.

Private kindergartens do not. They like to teach children literacy, mathematics, English and other subjects. First, the parents will be very happy that the children have learned a lot. Second, the children can adapt to the primary school life more.

Third, there seems to be little news of child abuse in public kindergartens, while private kindergartens often hear about it.

No matter what the reason is, it is rarely heard that teachers abuse children in public kindergartens, but private kindergartens often hear about it. Even those bad public kindergartens don't seem to have any negative news.

Fourth, public kindergartens are generally large classes, and private kindergartens are also small classes.

There are more children in public kindergartens than in private kindergartens, and there are more children in each class than in private kindergartens. In our case, there are generally 50 public kindergartens with two teachers and one life teacher. Private kindergartens usually have no more than 25 small classes, most of them are 20, with three teachers and one life teacher.

As a result, children in public kindergartens will not get more and better care than those in private kindergartens.

Fifthly, the tuition fees of public kindergartens are generally relatively cheap, while the tuition fees of private kindergartens, especially those that are slightly better, are relatively expensive.

In our public kindergarten, the tuition is 800 yuan per semester. If you have lunch at noon, you can get another 200 yuan. But private kindergartens, which are slightly better, cost 2000 yuan a month, plus 23 yuan for meals, which is much higher than public kindergartens.

Moreover, public kindergartens have almost no other extra expenses after they have collected tuition fees. But private kindergartens are not the same. There are many kinds of fees, such as clothing, teaching aids, heating, air conditioning, and so on.

In short, whether it is a public kindergarten or a private kindergarten, in my opinion, there is a relatively important standard for children to choose kindergarten, close to home. Maybe some parents don't agree, but when the children go to school, you will find that how good it is to be close to home!