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What are the advantages of red wine with onion

Red wine brewing onions, health care effect or a lot of, especially male friends, so onion brewing red wine aphrodisiac? What are the effects? Let's take a look.

When it comes to onions, you will think of the scene when you cut them to tears. This is because there are two kinds of sulfur compounds in onions, which are volatile irritants. Before you cut onions, put the onions and the kitchen knife in the refrigerator first, and then cut them when the knife is cold, so they will not be dazzling. However, this irritant will promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, enhance the secretion of gastric juice, improve appetite, and strengthen digestion As for the unpleasant smell left after eating, it can be eliminated by chewing some prunes. Onions can cure neurasthenia. It is said that onions contain the ingredients of lowering blood pressure, boiling water and drinking water can cure hypertension.

Onions are rich in vitamin B1, which is an important vitamin to eliminate fatigue and strengthen the body. Therefore, it is said that eating onions raw to replenish blood, and some people think that onions are a natural source of energy. Some people also swear that eating an onion every day can prevent the scalp from falling off, and coating onions directly on the scalp has a special healing effect. Salted onions can be used to deal with difficult warts Apply onion juice between toes two or three times a day to treat fragrant feet. Add a teaspoon of onion juice and a teaspoon of vinegar to eliminate dark spots

According to the research, people who eat one onion a day can keep their heart healthy and reduce their bad cholesterol. It is also pointed out that onions can prevent blood clots and are not easy to get stomach cancer. There is also a folk saying that onions can help restore sexual ability.

There are also polysaccharide lactulose in the onion, which has the advantage of improving memory. In addition, in the early stage of cold, chop the onion into hot soup, and grind some ginger soup to mix and drink, which makes the body sweat and has the effect of reducing fever. If the onion is cut and placed in each room, the infection of cold bacteria can be eliminated. Generally speaking, red onion is better than white onion.

In the above, did you give a clear introduction to the red wine made by onion? It does have many health care effects and benefits for human health, but there are also many matters to be noted. The quality of red wine must be good, and the storage time should not be too long after soaking, so as not to affect the normal effect.