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How to use automobile air conditioner

No matter what the price of the car is, it will be equipped with air conditioner. It's hot in summer. The temperature in the car can reach 40 or 50 degrees in summer. It's hard not to turn on the air conditioner. How to use the air conditioner? Let's take a look.

Usage of automobile air conditioner

① A / C key: This is the switch of the compressor. After starting, the compressor starts to cool.

② Wind direction and air volume regulation: adjust the air volume and wind direction, but the operation of each car is different.


Front button: This is the defrosting switch of the front window. After opening, the air outlet will blow to the front windshield. Some models will also be marked as max.

Rear button: This is the defrosting switch of the rear window. After the switch is turned on, the Houfeng power block heater will heat up.

④ . internal and external circulation buttons:

External circulation: the simple point of this external circulation is to get the air inside the car to the outside, and then add the fresh air outside to the car.

Internal circulation: This is to prevent the outside air from entering the car, but to use the existing air in the car for circulation.

After buying the car, they usually have air conditioning, but the buttons on the car are not very clear. How to use them? Let's learn how to use the air conditioning.

Precautions for using air conditioner in summer

1. Air conditioning needs to be opened regularly

Many car owners think that when the air conditioner is turned to the maximum gear, not only the fan is noisy, but also the fuel consumption is easy. But you don't know that if you keep the wind low for a long time, it will be bad for your health. When the air conditioner is used, it will absorb a lot of dust, which will cause mildew. It will be distributed to the car through the air conditioner, causing harm to the human body. Therefore, regular high wind can blow out the floating dust on the inner surface of the air duct of the air conditioner, which is also a simple way to keep the air conditioner clean.

2. Don't stop, rest and turn on the air conditioner

Don't sleep in the car with the air conditioner on in summer, this behavior has a great potential safety hazard. In a closed car, the air-conditioned car will produce a lot of carbon monoxide, only need more than 20 minutes, the carbon monoxide concentration in the car will exceed the standard, there is a significant sense of suffocation, and it will endanger life for a long time.

3. No air conditioning when driving at low speed

If the air conditioner is also used when driving at a low speed, the engine will run at a higher speed artificially in case of traffic jam during driving, which will reduce the service life of the engine and air conditioning compressor. So it's better not to turn on the air conditioner when driving at low speed.

4. Don't keep cycling inside out

When the internal circulation is turned on, the air in the car will only circulate inside the car. If the doors and windows are closed, the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner will be absorbed completely, which can save energy. But for a long time, the air inside will be turbid, and there may be a feeling of lack of oxygen. When the air conditioner is just opened, it is better to use the external circulation first, and then switch to the internal circulation after the temperature is reduced, especially when the air conditioner is stopped, it is better to switch to the "external circulation" function.

5. Turn off the air conditioner 5 minutes before parking

Many car owners often think of turning off the air conditioner after parking, which is a waste to the engine. When the vehicle starts next time, the engine will start with the load of air conditioner. Therefore, turn off the air conditioning a few minutes before each stop.