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What's the best age of conception? What's the best season for pregnancy mothers and fathers who are going to have babies may be very concerned about many factors, such as what season will give birth to babies better for their development. So what season is pregnancy best for babies? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

For example, some people have sorted out the data: when we share rooms from 5:00 to 7:00 in the afternoon, the success rate of pregnancy is higher at this time, because the quantity and quality of sperm at this time is very strong.

So what season is pregnancy best for babies?

1. Sitting on the moon

When most people are planning to have children, the first thing to consider is when it is better to have a month.

2. School issues

In China, children are generally allowed to go to school by month. Babies born after September are later than those born before September. For example, babies born in September are one year later than those born before September of the same year.

3. The problem of epidemic virus

Because newborn babies are relatively weak, they will avoid the high incidence period of the epidemic virus.

The choice of pregnancy season is the most important. Scientists in the United States have investigated and analyzed 45000 freshmen, and found that the excellent rate of second-born children in spring and autumn is 60% higher than that in midsummer. Because in the early stage of pregnancy, it is the formation stage of fetal cerebral cortex. The high temperature in summer, the heavy reaction in pregnancy, the poor appetite, the low intake of protein, the large consumption of body; the low temperature in winter, the less fresh vegetables, the pregnant women often live in the room, the less activity and the lack of fresh air supply, easy to catch cold by hand. These adverse climate can affect the development and intelligence of the fetus.

From March to April in late spring, it is the season when spring is warm and blooming. At this time, the climate is mild and suitable, and rubella virus infection and respiratory infectious diseases are less prevalent. Pregnant women's diet and daily life are easy to adjust, so that the fetus has a stable development environment in the initial stage, which is most conducive to the prevention of teratogenesis. Sufficient sunshine is another advantage of spring pregnancy, which can provide good sunshine conditions in the whole pregnancy process. Ergosterol in the skin of pregnant women can be changed into vitamin D under the ultraviolet irradiation of sunlight, which can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and is conducive to the growth and development of fetal bones. In addition, sunlight on the skin can promote the blood circulation of the human body, sterilize and disinfect the body, which is also beneficial to the health of pregnant women.

It is also more suitable to conceive in September to October at the beginning of autumn. As September to October is a time of crisp autumn, comfortable climate, and unaffected sleep appetite, it is also a golden season for fruits, which is very beneficial for nutrition supplement of pregnant women and brain development of fetus. The pre delivery period of pregnant women is the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The climate is mild, and the supply of auxiliary instruments is sufficient. It is conducive to the physical recovery of pregnant women and the secretion of milk. The clothing of children is gradually reduced, and the nursing is more convenient. In addition, at the turn of spring and summer, with sufficient sunlight, the baby can have good lighting conditions, which is conducive to the growth and development of bone calcification, and is not easy to suffer from rickets; when entering the winter, the baby has gradually grown up, which can avoid the epidemic peak of intestinal infectious diseases.

What is the best age for conception?

In general, the best age of conception for women is about 25 years old, and the latest is no more than 28 years old. Women's over age childbearing is easy to breed many diseases, and also has an impact on the development and health of their babies. Because as women age, their fertility begins to decline.

With the increase of age, the quality of eggs began to decline, resulting in the poor combination of sperm and eggs, reducing the probability of pregnancy. At the same time, the age of men should not be too old, and the older men's sperm quality will gradually decline.