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How to relieve the sore throat quickly

inflamed throat, swollen and inflamed, and can't even swallow water. Besides taking medicine, is there any way to relieve sore throat with tea and physical techniques? Yes, of course. Let's have a look.

What food can treat sore throat

1. Fat sea.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and moistening the lung, promoting the pharynx and detoxifying, moistening the intestines and defecating. It can relieve the symptoms of throat swelling and pain, pharyngeal itching discomfort, hoarseness and so on caused by the excessive heat of lung and stomach. You can take 1-3 pieces of fatty sea and soak them in boiling water, or you can drink them with chrysanthemum, lotus seed heart and black plum.

2. Raw licorice.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough, relieving pain and relieving pain. Licorice is used for health, especially for clearing heat, detoxification and relieving pain, moistening lung and relieving cough. It is especially suitable for the patients with pharyngitis with phlegm heat cough and sore throat. It can be used only in decoction or with Platycodon grandiflorum, so as to increase the effect of promoting lung, eliminating phlegm, promoting pharynx and relieving pain.

3. Siraitia grosvenorii.

It's sweet and cool, can clear lung and phlegm, quench thirst and moisten throat. Take 1 Siraitia grosvenorii, cut it into pieces, and take it with boiling water. It can relieve the discomfort of throat dryness.

4. Honeysuckle.

It has a strong effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood and benefiting the pharynx. It has a significant therapeutic effect on the red, swollen and hot pain of the pharynx. You can drink it with sugar or honey, or with chrysanthemum and bamboo leaves instead of tea.

What to do with a sore throat

In fact, sore throat is not a serious disease, but it will make our body feel uncomfortable, affect our mood and interfere with our daily life. So if there is a sore throat, we should pay attention to rest and drink more boiled water, and pay attention to light food. How to deal with a sore throat? The specific methods are as follows:

1. Steam therapy

How to deal with a sore throat? If you want to relieve the pain, it's more comfortable to inhale some water vapor properly. Pour the boiling water into the water cup, then hang the clean towel on the water cup to prevent the water vapor from leaking out, then close your head to the water cup and breathe hard for five or six minutes, just repeat several times a day.

2. Finger pressure therapy

If it is a sore throat caused by a cold, you can use your left and right thumbs to massage the Hegu area of your right hand, that is, the sunken area between your thumb and index finger. Press hard for about one minute, which can effectively relieve. It should be noted that this method cannot be used during pregnancy, otherwise it will threaten the health of mother and baby. At the same time, Quchi point and negative prevention point can also be pressed, so the effect of finger pressure therapy is good.

3. Fangpi therapy

This treatment method is to mix peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil and then smear it on the throat and chest of the patient, which can effectively strengthen the blood circulation of the throat, effectively eliminate waste and relieve pain.